Beautiful Hair: Best Treatment with Best Results

Beautiful Hair: Best Treatment with Best Results


Beautiful hair is an integral part of the image of a person. Many people have faced the problem of hair loss. At the same time, most of us resorted to folk remedies for treatment, not knowing which specialist to contact with this problem. To date, a new direction has appeared in medicine – trichology.

"Beautiful hair: Best Treatment with Best Results"
Beautiful hair: Best Treatment with Best Results

Timely diagnosis and treatment allow you to quickly correct such conditions and prescribe the correct therapeutic care for the scalp. Vitamin therapy, trace elements, mesotherapy, and hardware techniques quickly restore the condition of the hair and scalp.

Mesotherapy of the scalp for beautiful hair:

Mesotherapy for the scalp is a method of the intradermal administration of active substances. It is one of the most effective methods, as it allows you to enter all the components necessary for hair directly into the hair follicle.

Allows you to effectively pause:

hair loss,







Biococktails containing vasodilating ingredients, phytovitamin complexes, minerals, or active amino acids are produced individually for each patient. All components quickly restore the structure of the hair along the entire length, contribute to a serious strengthening of the walls of blood vessels, and improve microcirculation in the tissues.

Scalp mesotherapy can also be used in the absence of a problem of increased hair loss to improve the quality of the hair. Allows you to make hair thicker and stronger, increase their number, and therefore give more volume.

Plasmolifting of the scalp

In diseases of the scalp, plasmolifting is often prescribed.

Plasmolifting for beautiful hair:

The doctor may include plasmolifting procedures in the course of treatment if you have:

profuse hair loss;

alopecia (diffuse, focal, or androgenetic alopecia);

various types of seborrhea (dandruff).

Plasmolifting (or plasma therapy) is an effective technique, the action of which is based on the improvement of the hair and scalp by introducing the patient’s platelet-rich plasma. Using the resources of your own body, in this case, is a significant advantage, since it eliminates the likelihood of allergic reactions and side effects.

The method is unique in that the obtained autoplasma with a large number of its own platelets has unlimited possibilities for stimulating the growth of new cells. Changes are visible already after the first procedure: they consist in improving hair growth, the gradual restoration of their structure, and stopping the process of dying of hair follicles.

Electroporation or beautiful hair:

In modern trichology, electroporation, also known as mesotherapy without injections, is used to heal and improve the appearance of hair. Non-injection mesotherapy on the Infusion apparatus is a type of mesotherapy, for which needles are not used, which increases the safety of the procedure and excludes possible painful sensations. The effectiveness of hardware mesotherapy is achieved due to the penetration of solutions through the pores under the influence of electrical impulses (electroporation method). The electroporation method allows you to quickly deliver strengthening drugs to the hair follicles.

Electroporation hair treatment is less traumatic than the more familiar and common injections of hyaluronic acid, and vitamin cocktails and more effective than conventional masks and oils. This procedure improves the appearance of the hair, stimulates the blood circulation of the scalp and tissue regeneration, and activates the cells. Results can be seen after the first sessions.

The effectiveness of mesotherapy of the scalp, both with the use of a needle and without it, becomes apparent after two months of treatment:

The scalp becomes healthy.

In thinning areas, hair begins to grow actively.

Increases the density of hair growth.

Hairstyle again acquires amazing volume.

Thus, these treatments are great for beautiful hair.

Often, hair loss is just the “tip of the iceberg” and reflects general problems in the body. So, with violations of the thyroid gland, long-term hair loss is observed. In iron deficiency conditions, the hair becomes dull and brittle, lacking shine. Increased oiliness of the scalp and abundant dandruff can cause not only itching but also chronic hair loss. The cause may also be hidden in digestive problems, therefore, hair loss requires not only supportive therapy but a comprehensive examination. Only by eliminating the cause of hair loss, it is possible to achieve a long-term and stable result.

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