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Best Nutrition To Increase Energy Levels

Nutrition To Increase Energy Levels


Nutrition to increase energy levels.



Sport is an important part of our everyday life, and therefore the demand for food and drinks for an active lifestyle is gaining momentum. According to surveys, half of the world’s active consumers often purchase products to boost energy levels, and the number of such buyers in Asia is even higher (> 60%). For this purpose, preference is most often given to coffee and fruits, sports and nutrition bars, as well as protein or sports drinks. As healthy eating comes first for active consumers, the need for foods with increased nutritional value is growing.

Healthy eating and exercise go hand in hand, as the former is the necessary fuel for the latter. However, there is a difference between the needs of athletes and just active people. Those who are serious about sports often need an additional energy boost to improve their athletic performance, while people who simply lead an active lifestyle are mainly aimed at obtaining balanced energy. However, products with functional ingredients offer solutions for both consumer groups.



What do consumers expect from active lifestyle products?




Goal: sports victories

The main thing is endurance

maximum performance

sustainable energy

Balanced blood sugar

Quick recovery

Active consumers


Goal: good health and desired appearance


Good health for a long time

Improving results

Sustainable energy

Fat burning and fitness improvement

Worrying About Consuming Unhealthy Carbohydrates and Sugars


The right carbohydrate is your winner.


In sports, every grain of energy is important, because it is she who can help the athlete give everything one hundred percent. Carbohydrates are the main energy providers for active people. So make them work for you! Palatinose™ provides the body with evenly released energy for a long time, making it the ingredient for true winners.

One of the conditions for achieving high sports performance is the optimal use of the energy supplied by carbohydrates. If during sports loads carbohydrate fuel is consumed evenly, this allows the body to more efficiently use its physical capabilities. To do this, before and during the competition, it is necessary to observe a special diet. Palatinose™is a “smart” carbohydrate that helps keep blood sugar levels low and increases fat oxidation to be used as additional energy sources.

For sports success, it is important not only to find the ideal source of energy, but also to ensure the fastest possible regeneration of the body after physical activity. Properly selected ingredients contribute to faster recovery and gain advantages over rivals.

Use of energy for the benefit of the body.



Sports professionals are not the only ones looking for healthy foods and drinks. People in general are becoming more aware of the impact of nutrition on health and are paying more and more attention to the study of the ingredients listed on the product packaging, which allows them to make more informed food choices. At the same time, alternative plant-based products are perceived as more beneficial and environmentally friendly.

45% of professional athletes want to improve their digestion. This opens up the possibility for manufacturers of relevant food products to incorporate healthy and easy-to-understand ingredients into their products. Functional fibers BENEO , Orafti ® Inulin and Oligofructose from chicory root help support digestion and improve weight control.


Living an active life is great!


Most Asians work out several times a week, with team sports such as football the most. On a global scale, the most popular types of physical activity are running and walking. According to surveys, 85% of Asians regularly purchase foods or drinks that increase the energy resources of the body. Such products are especially relevant for amateur athletes who are not satisfied with just an active lifestyle, but set goals for themselves more difficult, like (half) marathons on weekends. The decisive factor for such tasks is the level of endurance of a person. Unlike easily digestible fast carbohydrates, Palatinose™ Smart Carb provides more sustainable energy , allowing you to increase the endurance needed for running, cycling or just walking.


These products are used in active nutrition:


Energy and sports drinks.

Energy and sports drinks are controversial products. The former often contain an increased concentration of sugar or various additives, due to which they have earned a reputation for not being the most healthy drinks. There are also concerns about the risk of developing diabetes and an increase in blood sugar levels as a result of the abuse of energy drinks. In this regard, the attitude of consumers towards sports drinks is much calmer.

In Asia, 65% of consumers pay great attention to the amount of sugar they consume. This poses a challenge for the food industry to improve the formulation of sweet tasting products. Palatinose™ is a slow-release carbohydrate made from sugar beets. It has a mild, natural sweetness and is ideal for making refreshing sports drinks that provide sustained energy support.


The COVID-19 crisis has opened the door to new product development.


As a result of the global health crisis caused by the coronavirus, people have become more worried about their health and immunity. This was especially true for the Asian region. There has been a noticeable increase in the number of measures taken by the population to improve their health through quality food and drink. This global trend is expected to continue after the end of the pandemic, as most consumers intend to continue to pay more attention to healthy eating in the future.

Today, people are extremely concerned about their health. As a result, their awareness of food ingredients and their benefits is increasing. As a result of the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, 4 out of 5 Asian shoppers have become more attentive to the nutritional content of food and beverages before making a purchase.

Among a variety of information about the composition of the product, the most positive reaction from consumers is caused by reports of a reduced amount of sugar or an increased content of fiber in the product. BENEO functional carbohydrates and dietary fibers offer the best solution for this purpose. In particular, Orafti ® Inulin and Oligofructose are prebiotic fibers that help improve digestionand overall well-being.


Healthy carbohydrates are an important part of active nutrition.


In active nutrition, protein is still considered the most important nutrient. However, on proteins alone, it will not be possible to achieve serious results in sports. The choice of carbohydrates is what you should pay more attention to! Using the right carbohydrates is critical in the development of sports nutrition products.

slowly but completely digested

provides the body with even released energy,

enhances fat burning.

What are the benefits of Palatinose™ for Active Nutrition?

Provides fuel for the body during physical exertion, provides a steady supply of energy

Helps promote fat burning by supporting low blood sugar and insulin levels

Ensures the most efficient use of energy for high results

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