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Best Tablet’s The 5 Best Models in 2022

5 Best Tablet's In 2022


5 Best Tablet’s In 2022


Are you looking for a tablet? Are you lost in the middle of all the models that exist? Don’t move, you’ve come to the right place. In this article you will find the 5 best tablets on the market, with their detailed descriptions and even some advice to help you choose. So let yourself be guided to choose your new tablet in full knowledge of the facts.

To find the best tablet for your needs, it is necessary to know what use you will have of it, and what budget you can devote to it.

If you want to use your tablet outside your home, without Wi-Fi, you must equip yourself with a 4G compatible tablet , and a mobile plan with 2 SIM cards to be able to put one in your tablet.


All the tablets in this article work on Wi-Fi, have Bluetooth and are reliable and secure products .



1. Galaxy Tab S6 Lite: The Best Samsung Tablet Under €400


"Best Tablet"
Best Tablet

To start this selection of the best tablets on the market , we present to you the best Samsung tablet for those on a moderate budget: the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite .

If we have selected this tablet, it is because we believe it has one of the best value for money on the market. Powerful, versatile and stylish, the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is available in a simple Wi-Fi version for less than €400.

This tablet will undoubtedly be the perfect ally for your internet browsing, watching your favorite movies, remote work and many other tasks. If you have the soul of a designer, this might just be the best tablet for you ! Indeed, it is equipped with an S Pen which allows both to have a more ergonomic experience, and to carry out a multitude of types of drawings.


Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Features


Screen size                                            10.4 inches

Resolution                                             2000 x 1200 pixel Full HD

Processor                                              Exynos 9611 Octa–Core 2.3 GHz + 1.7 GHz

Storage capacity                               64 GB

Autonomy                                            13 hours

Price                                                        €354.28


2. Best Apple Tablet: iPad Pro M1


"Best Tablet"
Best Tablet

The iPad Pro M1 is the most capable iPad model ever, earning it the title of best Apple tablet .

If we were to be completely honest here, we shouldn’t just categorize the iPad Pro M1 as the best tablets, but as the best work tools on the market. At this level of performance and technology , it can no longer be called a simple tablet.

The iPad Pro M1 is certainly expensive (over 1000€), but you have to keep in mind that you can do everything with it . In terms of performance, it replaces, it even supplants, many models of portable computers, for an unparalleled weight, design and maneuverability

The version we recommend for complete and professional use of this iPad Pro is the 12.9-inch (32.7cm diagonal) version with 256GB of storage. This way, you are sure to be able to perform all the tasks you want, even the most energy-intensive ones.


iPad Pro M1 Features


Screen size                                  12.9 inches

Resolution                                   2732 x 2048 pixel Full HD

Processor                                    Apple M1 chip

Storage capacity                    256 GB

Autonomy                                 10 hours

Price                                              €1,329.99


3. Huawei MatePad: The Best Inexpensive Android Tablet


"Best Tablet"
Best Tablet

If the Huawei MatePad tablet is in 3rd place in this tablet comparison , it is because we consider that it embodies the best Android tablet , excluding Samsung, on the market. For a reduced price (about 320€) it offers very good performance and will be very useful for your daily tasks .

If you are a fan of music or cinema and are looking for a tablet to enjoy your favorite content on Spotify , Deezer , Netflix or Youtube, you will be delighted to learn that this tablet is equipped with 4 dual speakers . designed with the famous brand of audio equipment Harman-Kardon. Coupled with a 10.4-inch Full HD screen , you are sure to be able to immerse yourself in the visual and sound details of the best films , videos and series.

At a time when video calls have become very frequent, it is becoming particularly important to be well equipped if you want to keep in touch with loved ones and have quality exchanges. To meet this need, the Huawei MatePad tablet has no less than 4 microphones , and is able to reduce surrounding noise to bring out your voice.

The final feature that makes this tablet one of the best tablets on the market, is its smart “eBook” functionality. When you want to read a book on your tablet, it will automatically transform to offer you optimal reading comfort . The brightness, tint and contrast of the screen will adjust to allow you to read in peace. Sold at just over €300, this tablet has one of the best quality/price ratios.


Huawei MatePad Features


Screen size                       10.4 inches

Resolution                        2000 x 1200 pixel Full HD

Processor                       HiSilicon Kirin 810 8 core (2×Cortex A76 2.27 GHz + 6×Cortex A55 1.88 GHz)

Storage capacity                64 GB

Autonomy                             12 hours

Price                                          €181.14


4. iPad Air 2020: The Best 10-inch Tablet


"Best Tablet"
Best Tablet

In 4th place in this selection of the best tablets on the market, we find the 4th generation of the iPad Air

Classified in the category ” best 10-inch tablet “, this small (well, still 27.6cm) marvel of technology could be considered the best tablet on the market , all categories combined. With its fluidity of use, its sleek and resistant design, its ideal size and its power: we are in the presence of a real versatile tablet .

Whether you are looking for a tablet for leisure or for your professional activity, this iPad model will meet your expectations. For lovers of Apple design and metallic colors, the iPad Air of 2020 still scores points, since it is available in 5 colors : sky blue, green, rose gold, space gray and silver.

Last precision, and not least, the iPad Air 2020 is available in a simple Wi-Fi version, or in a Wi-Fi + 4G version (count around 140€ more) to allow you to use it wherever you are. To use this 4th best tablet on the market on the 4G network, you need to insert a SIM card and have a mobile plan with available data , or a plan dedicated to your tablet .


Features of the iPad Air 2020


Screen size                                         10.9 inches

Resolution                                          2360 x 1640 pixels

Processor                                            A14 Bionic chip

Storage capacity                            64 GB

Autonomy                                        10 hours

Price                                                     €669


5. Best Tablet On a Budget: Lenovo Tab M7


"Best Tablet"
Best Tablet

If you’re on a tight budget, looking for a gift idea , or just want to treat yourself without blowing a hole in your bank account, the best tablet for you will be the Lenovo Tab M7 .

With its 7-inch screen, this tablet is compact and handy , so you can slip it into a bag, take it with you everywhere, and connect to Wi-Fi to surf the internet.

It is very important to specify that this tablet, for its price of 90€ , will not allow you to perform several tasks simultaneously. It’s a perfect tablet for surfing the internet , playing mobile video game applications, sending emails, taking notes, etc. But it’s not a tablet that will be very fast or very efficient .


Features of the Lenovo Tab M7


Screen size                                          7 inches

Resolution                                          1024 x 600 pixel HD

Processor                                            Mediatek MT8321

Storage capacity                             16 GB

Autonomy                                           10 hours

Price                                                       89€

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