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Best Topic: Social Business Trends For E-Commerce Development

Familiarity With Social Business Trends For E-Commerce Development


Familiarity With Social Business Trends For E-Commerce Development


Easily find the desired product or service with a simple search on Google or the search section of Instagram or any other social network and complete the process of receiving information and purchasing.


Also, if you don’t intend to buy and, for example, you go to Instagram and want to know about the status of your friends and family, you are still subject to being attracted to products and services. Like the Explorer section that targets your interests and shows you content that matches them. Social business trends are rapidly changing the type of business


All this is due to social business trends that have been created. In the following, we will examine the tactics and tools of e-commerce development through social networks.

A look at the definition of e-commerce and social commerce



You may have heard many definitions about electronic business or social business, but what is very important is knowing the position of these two titles.

Definition of electronic business


All the processes of buying and selling, exchanging products, providing product services, warehousing, and information processes with the help of the Internet and computer networks are called e-commerce.

E-commerce includes 3 main pillars ; Product type, delivery method and existing processes. If a business performs these 3 features in the context of digital and online space, it is referred to as an e-business and as e-commerce.

But if a business only does some things in the digital space and others physically, that business is not fully known as electronic business, but it is called “partial electronic business”.

Definition of social business


Social commerce is one of the subsets of electronic commerce. This process includessocial networks, social interactions and user participation and helps to conduct business and transactions. In short, social commerce trends help e-commerce transactions by using social networks.

a collection of collaborative online shopping tools such as; The shared selection list provided user ratings and sharing of user-generated content as a service.

Objectives of social business trends through electronic commerce


In the first stage, social commerce helps businesses to familiarize users with their brands according to social behavior patterns and attract them.

The tactics and trends of social business, with the help of the tools and updates that it provides, attract audiences from social networks to websites. By acquisition, we mean the customer journey in the sales funnel process.

Social commerce tools allow users and consumers to express and share their opinions and suggestions about the experience of buying from any brand.

Social commerce tools provide you with all the information, statistics and figures, even analysis of your position compared to competitors, to identify weak points for the growth of your brand and services.

Social business to us in cases such as; Customer ratings and reviews, user recommendations and referrals help with online shopping sharing, social media optimization and social advertising.

The growth of social network content in line with the growth of social business trends


Social networks are in step to adapt and update themselves with the changing trends of consumer behavior . From the past to the present, social networks have always been updated and adapted to consumer needs.

At one time, texts were only displayable content, and a little further, with the advent of social networks such as Instagram, social business trends moved towards visual and image-oriented content, and of course, the culmination of these trends is the emergence of a program such as TIK TOK. A program that creates fun behaviors and movements that become global trends and users produce and publish a wave of challenging behaviors as content.


The impact of growth and changes in social commerce trends on user behavior

With the innovation and content growth of social networks, the way of exchanging information between family and friends in cyber space has also been changed.

Even these changes have changed the behavior and content of brands. Perhaps once upon a time, consumers did not pay attention to the presence of brands and their presence in social networks, but with the emergence of powerful and updated social networks that provide many possibilities to users, the possibility of searching and buying products and services has become easier, and today on every platform Digitalization has made this possible. Nowadays, the trends of social business have gone to the direction where users are more dependent on social networks.

Social commerce sells products directly through social networks, and this process is definitely different from social media marketing. Because users can do the process of viewing and buying the product in the social networks themselves, and there is no need to link and direct them to the website. For example, the almost new feature of the Instagram store, which directly directs you to the payment page after selecting and purchasing a product.

The increase in e-commerce and social commerce trends due to the Corona epidemic


One of the effects of the pandemic has been the crazy growth in the volume of e-commerce. In general, purchases went towards using social tools. On the other hand, the number of businesses that sell products, services and online services increased and an unprecedented boom in e-commerce took place.

Also, the trends of social business included extensive changes, the production of entertaining and educational content increased greatly, and as employees moved away from work, interactions and information exchange took a different form.

Even for employees who did not use electronic tools much before the pandemic, educational content was produced to continue their work as they would when physically present.


Social business trends opportunities in 2021There are many reasons for brands to pay attention to social commerce trends . But here we mention three of the most important ones:

1- Give more importance to the users in the virtual space


User accounts in social networks are now more useful than before. They are no longer just for greetings and communication, but have become a kind of search engine for active brands in the field of product introduction and sales, a kind of business showcase, in the hands of users and right in front of their eyes.

During interaction, users send products and services introduced in social networks to their friends and provide their opinions about the product. The trends of social business with language of no language emphasize the importance of users in virtual networks.

2- Creating a convenient and easy shopping experience with the help of social trends


Creating a customer journey and purchase process in a way that is far from complexities and difficulties for users. Users should be able to experience an easy shopping experience so that they can refer to you for future purchases.

The more redundant and boring purchase steps are removed, the more the customer’s satisfaction and trust from the shopping experience will increase. This generally increases the sales of the brand.

3- Take advantage of social business trends and electronic business tools


With the increasing habit of users to online shopping and the changes in the behavior of consumers in social networks, this opportunity has been created for marketers who should try to attract consumers and make the purchase process easier for them in different social networks using different tactics.

We have mentioned the word “social networks” many times throughout the text, and maybe when you hear this word, you only think of the social network “Instagram” and you are right. Because other social networks are not as popular as Instagram in our country due to filtering or lack of popularity in our country. We can easily say that Instagram is the most popular and most visited social network in Iran, that’s why a large number of businesses operate on it.

But it is not like this in all countries, Instagram may be ranked next in popularity and visits in a country. In fact, the ranking of social networks in each country depends on the social trends of the internal and external environment of that country.

4 Opportunities for brands to capitalize on social commerce trends


Always with the changes in social business trends, brands should try to adapt themselves to social trends in order to increase their success in selling products and services online. 5 important opportunities of social business trends are as follows:

1- Focus on popular products at reasonable prices


Considering people’s habits of using social networks and viewing different content or viewing news and educational pages, social network marketers and online businesses should focus on popular and trending products; Products that are reliable and economically priced for the general public. In this case, businesses will experience more sales.

Let’s not forget that most users don’t refer to social pages for big purchases, maybe they refer to increase information and awareness, but to make very big purchases, you can hardly find an item.

Therefore, selling popular and popular products at reasonable prices is the best option for social media activity. This topic includes part of social business trends.

2- Correct and basic design of Instagram pages


" E-Commerce"

Considering the type of business activity and the degree of image-oriented products of that brand, importance should be given to the design of Instagram pages. Users think about buying decisions by viewing and comparing.

The more attractive and better content is provided and sufficient explanations are considered to increase the information and awareness of users, the more people will want to buy. Even if users are supposed to refer to the link or site of that business, they will do so.

For example, using the new Guide feature on Instagram, you can design a digital catalog for your products and content. Explain the articles that cannot be explained in the caption format in the best way. This feature is considered one of the social business trends.

3-Creating a store on Instagram


Due to the popularity of this social network in our country, we describe the creation of a store on Instagram. First, we must say that establishing a store on Instagram depends on obtaining a license from this company and has its own specific steps that require a lot of explanations.

According to the special conditions of our country, there is a double need for explanations. Just know that by establishing an online store on Instagram, you can easily create exclusive content from products

Put them yourself in the store section of your Instagram page. Then add the product name and price tag to them.


Of course, in order to obtain a license, the relevant conditions and instructions will be communicated to you by the Instagram company so that you can operate within the framework of complying with those rules.

4-Using chatbot as one of the social business trends


Today, users’ shopping experience is getting personalized and for this personalization they are willing to pay much more for buying products. But it is difficult to do this in any social network due to the lack of changes in the platform and its control.

By using chatbots on the website or social channels, we can save time and money to a significant extent, and on the other hand, we can answer the needs and frequent questions of users as quickly as possible, which will attract and increase the trust of consumers.

5- Cooperation with influencers to increase the credibility and social approval of the brand


Collaboration with influencers should be done in a way that uses specialized influencers related to the field of our business. In fact, the influencer’s personal brand and literature should be in line with the identity and image of our brand.

Today, the use of influencers has gradually become a part of the customer journey. Influencers have been and are the creators of important social business trends .

Accuracy in choosing the type of influencer and the budget allocated for this work; It has become one of the biggest challenges for businesses. Advertising is definitely not something that can be achieved by doing it one time and one time, one of the secrets of successful advertising is the continuity of advertising and the brand name getting stuck in the customer’s mind.



There is an important and old principle in the principles of management and marketing, which also persists in social business trends. To succeed in any trade or business, we must enter the field of competition and sales of products and services with a powerful and planned strategy.

Use all available social tools to communicate effectively with users.

Social commerce helps brands create an easy and convenient shopping experience for users.

The rush of e-commerce has multiplied due to the opportunity provided by the pandemic.

E-commerce with all its tools is growing and evolving and today it is more widespread than ever.

Don’t forget that social commerce trends are a small part of the larger e-commerce complex.

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