Boston Celtics Comeback from behind Warriors

Celtics recovered from behind to lead the 2022 Finals 1-0?


Boston Celtics and a historic fourth quarter: how did they come from behind the Golden State Warriors for 1-0 in the 2022 Finals?

Early in the fourth quarter, the Boston Celtics trailed by 12 points to the Golden State Warriors in total control of the game. After the final 12 minutes, the Greens finished with a 12-point win to make it 1-0 in the 2022 NBA Finals.

"Boston Celtics comeback to Golden State Warriors"
Boston Celtics comeback to Golden State Warriors

The Celtics in the fourth quarter were exaggerated. They did not fail in any aspect. The defense was more aggressive and differentiated with the changes designated by Ime Udoka, and an attack, they had a disproportionate success. The Chase Center witnessed a memorable fall.

Boston Celtics comeback to Golden State Warriors:

Going from -12 to +12 made the scoring margin (+24) the largest ever for any Finals quarter, according to ESPN stats. That is, Boston pulled epic to turn the game around as never before seen in the series for the ring.


In addition, they started the fourth with a perfect start: a 17-0 run. Klay Thompson stopped the wound, although it did little good. This 17-0 was the second most powerful streak in a fourth quarter of the Finals in the last 50 years (Spurs 19-0 vs. Nets in sixth game 2003).

Specifically, that 17-0 was signed by Al Horford (8), Marcus Smart (6), and Derrick White (3) . Defense and triples, as an infallible formula to win.


It is curious that they achieved such a comeback without points from Jayson Tatum. The forward had a scoring night to forget and in the last quarter, he missed his three shots to the basket. Of course, I have added 4 assists without losses in 11 minutes of action.

This facet of Tatum as a facilitator is key. Against Miami, he suffered losses and Boston charged him severely. For him to limit this as much as possible and contribute so much on a night when he was denied the shot is an important step in his development of it.

Horford and Jaylen were the scoring guides, in addition to White’s triples, but Payton Pritchard should also be highlighted for his correct accuracy (5 points) and defensive work, and energy waste. He made Udoka hold his position on the court to bring on Smart with about 5 minutes remaining.

Of course, the defensive performance was basic. Golden State couldn’t score. They went into ruth, Boston was wise and took advantage of those minutes. The Warriors finished the fourth quarter shooting 7-for-17 (41%), including 2-for-8 on 3-pointers (25%), and 4 turnovers.

Udoka’s adjustments of changes and previous changes (known as switching) were key. Outstanding for the rookie coach in his Finals debut.

Thus, the Celtics are the first team in NBA history to win a Finals game by double digits after trailing by double digits to start the fourth quarter. Their chance of winning dropped to 4% late in the third quarter, according to ESPN data.

Rarely, if ever, have you seen a team sweep the Warriors in such a manner. Without a doubt the best quarter of the season for Boston.

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