Carbon-Dioxide Destroy The Environment



Carbon-Dioxide Destroy The Environment


Carbon Dioxide is a natural part of our planet’s environment, but its excess can cause irreparable damage to the climate.

There is currently 47% more CO2 in the atmosphere than at the start of the industrial age. This leads to rising temperatures, acidifying the ocean and creating extreme weather conditions.


How to reverse the effects of global warming? One promising solution is the development and application of (C) capture technology.

“Even if we achieve net zero emissions by 2050…we still have to capture CO2 from the atmosphere, ” US Presidential Climate Envoy John Kerry said April 22 . “And that means we need innovative technologies.”


Which technologies to reduce CO2 emissions are more effective

In many parts of the world, scientists are developing technologies to limit emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases. Their main goal is to eliminate excess  CO2 in the atmosphere.

What can be done for this?

There are various methods to prevent harmful CO2 emissions and sequester Carbon already present in the atmosphere.

Industrial plants burn fossil fuels, releasing CO2 in the process. In the United States alone, industry accounts for 16% of all carbon pollution .

Earth (NASA)


Atmospheric model based on data from the Carbon Observatory shows levels of CO2 above the Earth’s surface (NASA)

Advanced carbon footprint reduction technology aims to capture CO2 during production, before it is released into the atmosphere. The captured carbon is then safely stored and can be used, for example, in the production of building materials.

The technology removes CO2 already present in the atmosphere.

Fast growing technology

CO2 capture technology has the potential to become a viable tool in the fight against the climate crisis.

As of 2020, it has been successfully deployed at 24 sites worldwide, half of which are in the US.


At the same time, the development of traditional technologies continues. American entrepreneurs are implementing solutions that combine CO2 capture with proven methods of reducing emissions.

University of Miami students , winners of the Musk Foundation Prize, came up with the idea of ​​​​creating soluble tablets that absorb carbon in the oceans. According to calculations, their use can link, i.e. convert to organic matter, no less than one billion tons of  Carbon Dioxide per year.

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