Carlos Santana Suffered Dehydration, Collapsed on Stage in Michigan

Carlos Santana suffered dehydration, Collapsed on Stage in Michigan


A representative for Carlos Santana confirmed to People that the Mexican-born guitarist suffered from heat exhaustion and dehydration, which caused him to pass out on the night of July 5 at his Michigan show. The source mentions that the musician is already recovering from the incident.

"Carlos Santana suffered dehydration, Collapsed on Stage in Michigan"
Billboard: Carlos Santana suffered dehydration, Collapsed on Stage in Michigan

On Twitter, a user showed the recording of a fan at the concert, where Santana is seen leaving the stage, waving his hand towards his fans, who say goodbye to him with applause. Something that made us think that he is out of danger.

Carlos Santana was giving a concert in the United States on July 5:

Worrying news arrived in the musical field on the night of this Tuesday, July 5. And it is that various media indicate that the well-known and talented Mexican guitarist, Carlos Santana, collapsed on stage during a concert he offered in Michigan.

According to information that has already begun to circulate on social networks (and which has been taken up by media such as Billboard), Santana was playing at the Pine Knob Music Theater, a venue located near the city of Detroit.


The guitarist vanished on stage in Michigan:

The guitarist was there for a date belonging to his current tour, Miraculous Supernatural 2022 Tour: Santana + Earth, Wind & Fire, when at approximately 10 pm (9 at night in Mexico), Santana simply vanished.

Images and videos of the moment in which his staff and medical team are on stage to help Santana, whose state of health is unknown at the moment, are already beginning to circulate on social networks, although it is worrying thanks to the tweet of a Fox2 reporter Detroit, who assured: “the crowd asked to pray for him due to a ‘serious medical problem'”.


Carlos Santana has more dates scheduled in that country during this month:

Carlos Santana, 74 years old, is in the middle of promoting his album Blessings and Miracles’, which he released at the end of last year and which featured great collaborations such as Kirk Hammett, guitarist for Metallica, as well as his two sons.

“The title of this album comes from my belief that we are born with heavenly powers that allow us to create blessings and miracles,” Santana said of this album, which reminds people to “use light, spirit, and soul; they are indestructible and immutable .”

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