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CP1500 or APC 1500VA Pro: Which UPS is Right for You?


CP1500 or APC 1500VA Pro: Which UPS is Right for You? If you’re swarming every one of your machines into a solitary grayish plug extension you took from your flatmate you could be jeopardizing your power delicate gadgets. Begin safeguarding your costly gadgets like an adult by putting resources into an uninterruptible power supply or UPS. These moderately unassuming dark blocks significantly grow the limit of your divider outlets by not just giving you unexpected outlets and flood assurance yet additionally furnishing your gadgets with power in case of a blackout, because of an inherent battery.

There are lots of choices going from shopper to business applications, yet today we’ll look at a couple of our most famous models from APC and Cyberpower to sort out which model is best for you. While these frills are likely the most un-appealing piece of any workspace or front room arrangement, they are a helpful piece of ordinary protection for a portion of your more touchy gadgets.

APC 1500VA Pro Cyber Power 1500VA
10 Outlets 12 Outlets
4 Mins of Backup Power 2.5 Mins of Backup Power
6 ft. Cable 5 ft. Cable
$150K Connected Equipment Guarantee $500K Connected Equipment Guarantee
No Remote Management Optional Remote Management

The Rundown

CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD at Amazon
APC Back-UPS Pro 1500VA at Amazon

APC Back-UPS Pro 1500VA

APC Back-UPS Pro 1500VA


While style is not a major area of strength for any UPS, both of these models come outfitted with some fascinating plan decisions that make them simpler to utilize. The two models are furnished with forward-looking drove boards that show the ongoing heap of the UPS, the battery charge, and the foreordained info voltage.

One critical distinction here, in any case, is that the LED screen for the CyberPower can be shifted upwards, permitting you to see the screen without getting down on the ground. APC has adopted a somewhat unique strategy, heaving off the top corner of the UPS to account for a LED screen that is continuously gazing toward you.


The two models likewise incorporate a solitary USB-An and USB-C port on the front, giving you an extra charging port, or permitting you to keep your cell phone finished off in case of a crisis.

Logical the most over-the-top glaring contrast between these two models is the number of outlets they give, the CyberPower gives you 6 flood secured and 6 battery reinforcement outlets, though the APC just has 5 flood and 5 battery reinforcement outlets.


Both the CyberPower and APC include programmed voltage guidelines (AVR) as well as a discernible caution assuming that the voltage decisively changes or the battery needs to kick in. While the caution is empowered naturally, there is a quiet button on the front board of the two models to cripple it. The two of them additionally incorporate vigorous set-ups of highlights including booking capacities, issue discovery, and Ethernet flood assurance. What’s more, on the off chance that you end up utilizing either UPS as a hub between work area workstations, the two of them likewise can be permanently set up and controlled straightforwardly from a work area using a USB or Serial association.

APC Back-UPS Pro 1500VA

There are a few little contrasts between these models similar to drive dispersion. Since the CyberPower has 2 unexpected outlets, it is just fit for running at 2.5 minutes on a full battery charge while working under a full burden, contrasted with the APC, which is fit for working for up to 4 mins, which can be credited to its marginally lower load limit.

The two models truly do have more than adequate leeway concerning their AC links, and keeping in mind that it’s probably going to have almost no effect, the APC has a somewhat longer, 6 ft. link when contrasted with the CyberPower’s 5 ft.

The CyberPower comes outfitted with an additional set of Ethernet ports for opening in a far-off administration card, permitting you to remotely screen and control the UPS. Yet, the APC has a coaxial throughput association for stretching out flood security to your link modem. So contingent upon your needs or the kinds of gadgets you’ll need to safeguard, one of these choices will be somewhat better compared to the next.

The cost of both of these models is something similar, each costing somewhat more than $200. And keeping in mind that both of these gadgets offer a similar 3-year guarantee, one key contrast is that the CyberPower model offers a $500,000 associated gear ensure, should any of your gadgets at any point become inoperable as an issue of the UPS, while the APC offers $150,000. Both of these numbers are probably going to be considerably more than even the most costly home theater arrangement, however assuming you’re utilizing both of these units for business application, this may be an interesting point.

Last Verdict:

The champ of this specific matchup is to a great extent going not set in stone by the number and kinds of gadgets you’ll attach to your UPS. On the off chance that you’re attaching a variety of workstations in an office setting, we’d suggest the CyberPower 1500VA UPS, for its broad number of outlets, yet additionally for its broad associated hardware assurance and far off administration choices. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you’re involving a UPS in your own home, the APC 1500VA Pro will give you more than adequate protection against an electrical interruption.


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