Elon Musk Prediction of AI Humanoid in Three Months

In three months, according to Elon Musk, an AI humanoid robot will be ready.


Elon Musk is in the process of developing a robot, and he has stated that in three months, a prototype of the robot would be ready to be shown off.

The name of the robot will be Optimus, and it will be able to walk at speeds of up to 5 miles per hour and lift up to 150 pounds in order to fulfill its objective of performing manual labor.

At the event called “AI Day” which will be held by Tesla on September 30th, the company’s CEO intends to demonstrate Optimus.


According to CNBC’s reporting, Elon Musk believes Tesla might put its Optimus concept into production as early as the following year.

He asserted that the transition to robots performing menial duties will usher in an ‘era of abundance’ because we will be able to have robots do the work that we do not wish to do ourselves.

"Elon Musk Prediction of AI humanoid in Three Months"
CNET: Elon Musk Prediction of AI humanoid in Three Months

It was also asserted that robots had the potential to ‘change the world’ even more so than the electric vehicles that Tesla is known for producing; however, it remains to be seen how much of impact robots actually have.

Elon Musk Prediction of AI humanoid in Three Months:

Optimus was initially hinted at during Tesla’s earlier AI Day, which took place in August of the previous year. At that time, Musk was predicting that the proliferation of robots will have “deep implications for the economy.”

Optimus is intended to be a factory worker robot that tackles “hazardous and boring” chores that a person wouldn’t want to do. This is in contrast to the way the Terminator ushered in our untimely fate in a manner reminiscent of how it did so.

There is also the possibility that it may be used for more domestic uses, such as going grocery shopping or performing menial jobs around the house.

A significant number of science fiction movies start with the premise that robots will eventually replace humans in the workforce and in domestic chores and responsibilities.

Typically, everything gets started when the robots turn on their human masters with the poetic message that we develop the things that replace us without giving any thought to what happens after we are no longer required.

Opium features:

Musk had previously stated that the 5’8″ tall Optimus may be overcome by humans, which is a nice design feature to have if your AI goes a bit wayward. Perhaps he said this because he feared this eventuality.

To enable it to see everything around it and identify objects, Optimus Prime will be outfitted with the same camera technology that comes standard in Tesla automobiles.

Regarding the artificial intelligence that drives Optimus Prime, Musk has conceded that each robot “may develop a personality over time that is unique.”

Many people believe that artificial intelligence poses a significant risk to the future of humanity. In fact, Elon Musk stated in 2018 that AI posed a greater risk than nuclear weapons, therefore we had better keep our fingers crossed that Optimus is secure.

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