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How to Become Happier: 5 Simple Steps

How to Become Happier


How to Become Happier: 5 Simple Steps


"How to Become Happier"
How to Become Happier

“Being happy is not complicated, just make it your choice”

Experiments and multiple types of research have shown that most people on the planet are not proud of the life they lead. The causes are almost subtle and they fail to detect them to seek the corresponding remedy.

Thus we can observe people who worry about everything, work, family, relationships, the environment and even nature to see their own existence. Thereby life becomes downright chaos. They hate the fact of existing by accusing everything that seems, according to them, to turn against their existence. In short, they are not happy.



How to Become Happier?



Before discovering through the answers from the experiences of men and women reputed to be happy, how can we become happier and have a wonderful life, we will try to see together where the misfortune of which many remain, victims, comes from and what is it. which makes men more worried, anxious and unhappy.


Becoming Happier: Where Does Unhappiness Come From?


The world is already full of obstacles and problems there is no need to create more. While not denying the previous hypothesis, too often we are the source of our most serious problems and thus of our unhappiness.

We create our own unhappiness through different ways and subtle processes that escape our control, which also means that we tend to believe without reason that these come from outside.

We subtly and unconsciously create our unhappiness through the following actions:

Expecting too much from others: there is only misfortune that we attract when expectations are greater than the gifts we are able to make.

Wanting to Please Everyone: Another powerful source of unhappiness is wanting to please everyone. We always want approvals and acclaim that falsely reassures us that people are satisfied. Our unhappiness is easily caused when one person tells us: I am not satisfied. Are you ready to satisfy everyone? The answer is clearly no. To want to do so at all costs is to decide on one’s eternal misfortune.

Wanting to control everything: How for the previous one, wanting to control everything means bringing on misfortune. Did you know that there are a lot of areas that are exclusively beyond your control? It is better to master them because wanting to gain control over them is the very source of your own unhappiness. This is the case with the actions, thoughts, decisions, and words of others. These are beyond you.

And especially Negative Thoughts: This is a very powerful source of our unhappiness. How you maintain your thought system. Is he really at your service or are you using him against you?

"How to Become Happier"

How often do you consider yourself incapable, or helpless? You feel less intelligent and doomed to fail before you even try. All these kinds of thoughts only bring misfortune to you.


How to Become Happier in 5 Steps


After discovering the sources of unhappiness that many inflict on themselves, it is possible to choose to become happier by adopting a system of thought and initiating actions that attract happiness.

The 5 Simple Steps in this article unlock the secret of How to Become Happier no matter how deep your misfortune sinks:

Becoming Happier: Step 1) FIND YOUR LIFE PURPOSE

It is possible to find thousands of people who do not know the purpose of their existence.

To discover the purpose of your life tries to answer the following question: WHY DO I EXIST? A short and seemingly simple question, isn’t it?

Appearance is said to be deceiving. This question about the purpose of life embodies it. You will have in front of you thousands of controversial answers about yourself but nothing serious, we can help you discover for yourself the purpose of your life.


How to Find Your Life Purpose to Become Happier?


As stated above, our research is aimed at the personal betterment of our readers, so it is imperative for us to help you discover your life’s purpose, but we will be most helpful to you by helping you discover it for yourself. So by answering the following questions you will find the purpose of your life and Become happier:


Q1. What does it mean to live fully?

Q2. How Can I Serve Others?

Q3. When I die, how would I like people to remember me?

Q4. If everything was possible for me now, what activity would I spend more time doing?

Q5. What kind of life causes me to lose track of time and space?

By clearly answering the previous questions you will find the purpose of your life.

While wishing you a happy life, we announce a complete article, in our next publications which will focus on How to Discover the purpose of your life and will discuss the substance to allow you to live a life full of meaning in your eyes and those of the world. that surrounds you.


Become Happier: Step 2) DO WHAT YOU LOVE


Another aspect as important as the first is to do what you love to be happier.

It is not up to you to remember the amount of well-being you derive from performing activities that you enjoy. They give you smiles, joy, and satisfaction.

The activities you enjoy are the ones for which you don’t need a reward. The mere fact of accomplishing them constitutes for you a great immeasurable reward.

For me, for example, what I love is writing personal development articles, reading books, audios and podcasts, public speaking, and teaching Self Improvement theories. These activities easily make me lose track of time and space.

And for you, you may have more. We advise you to take action as quickly as possible to bring about your happiness by doing what you love. Your happiness is waiting for you .


Becoming Happier: Step 3) SPEND TIME ALONE


When we listed (in the introduction) the sources of unhappiness we observed that the majority comes from others or from the relationships we have with others.

“We are better than when we are alone…” we say.

It is not an apology for isolated life or the rejection of social life or of others. It is simply remembering that when you are Alone the problems are less and almost non-existent than in the mass.

Being alone allows you to be in contact with yourself, to ask yourself good questions and above all to discover the depth that the self hides. What happiness to discover yourself?

Finding time alone, in a quiet place soothes the body and mind, and reveals the inner horizons that finally exposes us to happiness.

Twice a day of silence (morning upon rising and evening before bed) for 20 to 30 minutes can provide unimaginable long-term happiness, experts tell us.

You can also opt for a nature walk Let yourself go on the marvelous greenery and the field of birds. Happiness is immense there.




This last step does not contradict the previous one. it radically complements it

Spending time alone, becoming (first) happy alone to finally join the people you love is a logical sequence leading to success and a life full of happiness.

The people you love give you positive feelings. They are the ones who motivate you, who trust you, believe in you, and share your successes and your detours.

These are the people who make you smile, and prefer to see you that way every day. It can be members of your family, your spouse, your children, your friends, your colleagues, etc. In short, the people you love give you the passion and happiness of being part of the living.


Become Happier: Step 5) SAY “YES” TO LIFE


Easier said than done, accepting life and embracing it as it doesn’t hold much confidence at all. Yet one of the effective ways to be happier, is not so easy to accept with open arms everything that can happen to us.

Naturally, the human being develops an instinct of defense and survival which pushes him to resist certain circumstances which seem to threaten his existence. This nature pushes him to accept certain facts of life and rejects others. This places him unconsciously in a situation of a life choice turning much more on what he likes, which he considers pleasant, good, easy, and affordable.

“Everything good is part of my life,” he says. So what is not is therefore bad. But isn’t it a danger to deny what is natural, that is to say, that one cannot avoid or change…? What does not depend on us…?

To live happily you must avoid denying reality, the natural aspect of things and beings in general.

Knowing that humans are infallible, you are spared the unpleasant surprise of a disappointment that they can inflict on you at any time in life, for example.

In short, saying yes to life means understanding the bottom of things for what they are and not what they should be. It is objectively accepting reality without passing judgment on it, which often obscures the right view of what is real .

Conclusion on How to Become Happier


How to Become Happier has been the subject of this long theory as edifying as it is. We hope you are among the few who have learned the lessons of choosing a happy life through our research on this page.

The 5 Steps: How to Become Happier are:





While sending you our sincere thanks for your dedication and courage, we ask you to suggest in the comments what element you would like to add to this article in order to serve you more fully in future publications. THANK YOU.

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