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iPhone iOS 16: Top 10 Features, You Must Know

iPhone iOS 16: Top 10 Features, You Must Know


Every year around this time, Apple releases a new version of the iPhone with a plethora of improvements for you to try out. iOS 16 may be downloaded today on iPhone 8 and later models. Apple claims that the updated OS has “whole new customization options, enhanced intelligence, and simpler methods of collaborating and sharing.”

Some of the enhancements you’ll get with the latest version are listed below.

"iPhone iOS 16: Top 10 Features, You Must Know"
iPhone iOS 16: Top 10 Features, You Must Know

Screen Lock:

The ability to alter the appearance of the lock screen is being promoted heavily by the manufacturer this time around. There are now more ways to customize your home screen and more widgets you may add, such as the ability to check the weather, current sports scores, and upcoming events. Now, the date and time can be shown over a user-created background, complete with editable fonts and transparency options. If you change your concentration settings, you can customize which alerts appear on which lock screens.

Editing a Message:

Have you ever typed in a message, pushed “send,” and then instantly recoiled in shame because of an embarrassing typo or worse? In iOS 16, you’ll have 15 minutes after sending a message to make corrections, and you’ll be able to make up to five changes. If you change your mind about sending a message within two minutes of sending it, you can cancel the transmission. Also, you can designate a communication as “unread” if you want to return to it later.


Tone-Based Communications:

Audio messages can now be skipped ahead and backward, making it unnecessary to listen to long recordings again.

Requests for Teamwork:

If you’re trying to get a group started on a project, you can just send everyone in the group a message through Messages, and they’ll all be included in the file you’re sharing. The functionality will be available in Files, Keynote, Numbers, Pages, Notes, Reminders, and Safari, as well as in third-party apps. If someone makes a change, say in a Pages document, the Messages thread will be bumped to the top.


Compartmentalize Your Tabs:

It’s another one for people who want to work together on projects. With this function, you can invite your friends to collaborate on a set of Safari tabs that you’ve created. Each member of the group will receive an immediate notification of any changes.

Siri ends the call:

It can be inconvenient to end a call when you have other things to do if you have to dig around for your phone in your pocket. You may now just tell Siri, “Hey Siri, hang up,” to end a call, but be aware that the caller will hear you ask Siri to do so if you are trying to be covert.

Itineraries with Multiple Stops:

Make many pits stops along your route. Add multiple stops along the way, and you’ll be guided between them.

Strength and Conditioning:

Without an Apple Watch, you can still estimate your calorie burn using iOS 16’s new Fitness app by using the phone’s built-in motion sensors to track your steps, distance walked, and the use of third-party fitness apps. And the Health app’s new Medications section makes it easy to remember when and what pills to take.

The Lockdown:

Not everyone will benefit from this, but Apple claims that Lockdown “further hardens your device’s defenses and strictly limits certain functions, sharply reducing the attack surface that may potentially be exploited by highly targeted mercenary spyware.”

Photographic equivalent:

This feature of the Translate app makes it easy to translate the text as you see it, making it ideal for use on trips to foreign countries. Simply place your camera over the text you wish to translate, press the stop button, and the translation will be superimposed over the still image, allowing you to magnify it for a more thorough examination. You can also use your photo library’s text translation feature.

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