‘Joker’ Sequel Coming Soon Starring Joaquin Phoenix

A 'Joker' sequel with Joaquin Phoenix will be out soon


Director Todd Phillips has confirmed the work on the “Joker”, the script is ready. And it has already been handed over to Joaquin Phoenix, who plays the main role.

The upcoming film is subtitled Folie à deux (Insanity for Two), the medical term for an induced delusional disorder that affects two people. True, whether this is the final name or a working one has not yet been specified.

What does the trem “Folie à deux”mean?

This term is taken from psychiatry, where it refers to an induced delusional disorder that is transmitted to several people if they are emotionally connected to each other. It is possible that Harley Quinn or even Batman will appear in the film, although this has not yet been confirmed.



At the same time, the script is already ready, and Phillips published a photo of Phoenix, where he reads the sent text. By the way, the script was again written by Scott Silver.

Phillips also posted a photo of Joaquin Phoenix reading the script

Back on October 6 last year, actor Joaquin Phoenix, in an interview with The Playlist, expressed his readiness to participate in the sequel to the Joker film but does not yet know if directors and producers have such plans.

" 'Joker' sequel coming soon starring Joaquin Phoenix"
The Indian Express

Last year, the British portal Mirror reported that Phoenix could receive a fee of $ 50 million for returning to the role of the Joker in the sequel and blockbuster threequel. Even though the movie caused a lot of controversies when it came out last year, the actor wants to play this character again.


The article says that Warner Bros. wants to make two sequels over the next four years and has given Joaquin, Joker director Todd Phillips and producer Bradley Cooper long-term contracts to do so. The first Joker was released in 2019, grossed over a billion dollars at the box office, and was nominated for 11 Oscars, winning two of them.

Note that the first “Joker”, which was released in 2019, was very successful. With a budget of about $60 million, the collections amounted to more than one billion. There were rumors about a sequel for a long time, but there was no exact information. Now she has appeared.

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