Kim Kardashian and comedian Pete Davidson Split

American TV star Kim Kardashian and comedian Pete Davidson split up


American reality star Kim Kardashian and Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson have broken up. This was announced on Saturday, August 6, according to EOnline, citing sources close to the couple. It is noted that the stars broke up this week, but continue to maintain friendly relations.

"Kim Kardashian and comedian Pete Davidson Split"
Kim Kardashian and comedian Pete Davidson Split

Reasons for the couples’ split

According to the source, the couple loves and respects each other very much, but their busy schedule interferes with the development of their relations. According to the source, the couple ended the relationship due to the age difference, which led to conflicts of interest: Davidson often demanded the arrival of his beloved when he was on business trips, while Kardashian wanted to focus on raising children.

“Pete is 28 and Kim is 41. They’re just in completely different places right now. Pete is completely spontaneous and impulsive, wanting Kim to fly to New York immediately or wherever he is. But Kim has four children, and it’s not that easy. She needs to focus on the kids,” the insider said.

Previously, Kim Kardashian posed without makeup for an advertisement for her cosmetics brand SKKN and became the object of ridicule on the network.


The source added that now the TV star is very exhausted from her relationship with the comedian, which she has been in since November last year, as well as conflicts over raising children with her ex-husband, rapper Kanye West. According to the publication, Kardashian and Davidson have been together for about nine months.

How did they meet and fell in love?

The two were dating began the year before, after Kardashian, 41, hosted Saturday Night Live.


Davidson, who is 28 years old, and Kim, who is also 28, played the roles of Aladdin and Jasmin, respectively, and shared an on-screen kiss, which caused a frenzy on the internet.

After being observed by the paparazzi, the couple decided to make their relationship public on Instagram in March and remained together for a total of nine months.

E! News was informed by an anonymous person who claims to have a close relationship with the pair that they have ended their relationship.

American rapper Kanye West and TV star Kim Kardashian officially divorced:

Earlier, on March 2, it was reported that American rapper Kanye West and TV star Kim Kardashian officially divorced. The meeting was held remotely. Kardashian made contact with the courtroom via video call from the closet. The publication suggests that she did not want anyone to distract her at this important moment. Kanye did not appear at the meeting, but his lawyer said that he had no objection to the restoration of his status as a bachelor.

The divorce proceedings lasted over a year. Kim Kardashian officially filed for divorce on February 19, 2021.

Kanye West has no plans to leave Kim Kardashian’s new boyfriend alone. He dedicates angry posts on his Instagram daily to Pete Davidson. Users do not have time to follow the development of events, as Kanye immediately deletes everything. It has even become the subject of memes on the web.

For a month, Kanye threatened Pete and ridiculed him in every possible way on his account. Moreover, he even addressed him in his new tracks. He does not plan to stop, but fans continue to watch the fierce Internet war between West and Davidson with great interest. Subscribers are divided into two camps: some strongly support Kanye, and others condemn the behavior of the rapper.

The reality TV star said she would try to get both legal and physical custody of their children. West agreed to this condition himself.

On January 5, 2021, it was reported that the couple had broken up and was making plans for a divorce. Then, the sources said that West was annoyed by the Kardashians’ way of life and no longer “wants to have anything to do with them.” Along with this, it was made clear that Kim had moved on from this relationship and planned to focus on her career as a lawyer to help promote campaigns for prison reform. After seven years together, they got married and had four children.

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