Lance Kerwin, Who Played Salem’s Lot, Died at Age 62

Lance Kerwin, Who Played Salem's Lot, Died at Age 62


Lance Kerwin, who played Salem’s Lot, died at age 62

Lance Kerwin, an actor who was best known for his role in the 1970s TV miniseries “Salem’s Lot,” has died, his talent agent John Boitano tells CNN. He was 62.

"Lance Kerwin, who played Salem's Lot, died at age 62"
Deadline: Lance Kerwin, who played Salem’s Lot, died at age 62

No information was given about why he died.

Kerwin started his acting career when he was a child. He is best known for his roles on TV and in movies, such as the TV movie “The Boy Who Drunk Too Much.” In season 2, “James at 15” changed to “James at 16.”

Kerwin played James Hunter:

In the movies “James at 15” and “James at 16,” Kerwin played James Hunter. “James at 15” was first shown in 1977. It was about a young teen boy who was interested in photography and had to move with his family from Oregon to Massachusetts. When an episode aired in which James had sex before he got married and lost his virginity, thousands of angry letters were sent to the show’s producers.


“James at 16,” which had 21 episodes during the 1977-1978 season on NBC, would continue the story of the troubled teen. The show stood out because it dealt with issues that were important at the time. In the 1970s, most shows about teenagers, like “Happy Days,” had actors in their 20s.

Kerwin’s leading role made him a teen idol:

Even though “James at 15” was only on for two seasons, Kerwin’s leading role made him a teen idol. During the 1970s, millions of teenage girls were crazy about the teen star, which helped him get on the cover of magazines like Tiger Beat.


In a 2019 interview, he talked about working with Tobe Hopper on “Salem’s Lot.” He said that Hopper was “on a whole different level from most directors I had worked with”.

I liked the part in the bedroom when the vampire boy (Danny Glick, I’m guessing) knocks on the window and says, “Let me in.” Yes, please let me in. The camera’s film ran backward during the entirety of the scene. We walked all the way around to where I’m waking up now, so it must have been a long journey. He explained to Casey Chambers, “Because of how that sequence was shot, the smoke is traveling in a different way,” and that’s why it seems off.

In 1970, the actor appeared in a variety of films and television shows, including:

During the 1970s, the actor who played James on “James at 15” was in a number of TV shows and movies, such as “Wonder Woman,” “Insight,” “The Family Holvak,” and “Young Joe, the Forgotten Kennedy.” One of his last movies was “Outbreak,” which came out in 1995. Last year, he was in “The Wind and the Reckoning.”

In the 1970s, he was a popular teen actor from Southern California. He played Ramey Holvak in “The Family Holvak,” a TV show about a minister in the 1930s who is trying to support his family. He was also in the coming-of-age show “James at 15,” which aired in 1977. The show was known for its realistic portrayal of teen life, which was rare on TV at the time.

Tobe Hooper directed the 1979 TV movie “Salem’s Lot,” which was based on the Stephen King book of the same name. In the CBS miniseries, he played a young man named Mark Petrie who helps protect his town from evil vampires. The cult-favorite miniseries he was in got him invited to horror conventions all the time.

After his part in “Outbreak” in 1995, he didn’t work again until “The Wind and the Reckoning” with Johnathon Schaech in 2022.

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