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Meta Oversight Board will Start to Look at Cases Faster

Meta Oversight Board will Start to Look at Cases Faster


Meta Oversight Board will start to look at cases faster

The Meta Oversight Board will begin to examine matters in a more timely manner. As part of its commitment to complete more tasks, the Oversight Board for Meta Platforms announced on Tuesday that it will speed up the decision-making process for some matters and assess a wider variety of content moderation issues.

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 The establishment of the Oversight Board:

At the close of the year 2020, the Oversight Board was established. It is the organization’s responsibility to evaluate the choices made by Facebook and Instagram about the removal or retention of specific content and to determine whether or not the social media companies acted appropriately. Since that time, the board has announced in a post on its blog that it has issued 35 decisions about individual cases.

The board has indicated that it will begin issuing rulings concerning some instances in a more timely manner. Decisions on cases that have been accepted for review could be made as rapidly as 48 hours or as slowly as 30 days later.

The typical decision-making process can take up to three months:

This is due to the fact that the Oversight Board pays close attention to the manner in which Meta moderates content.


The board stated in a post that they will be able to “take on more of the big problems of content management and respond more promptly to events with critical real-world effects” if they publish more judgments and make the pace faster.

In contrast to usual decisions, expedited cases will only be reviewed by a subset of the board members, not the entire board, and the feedback of the general public will not be taken into consideration.


One of the most recent decisions made by the Oversight Board was to allow users of Meta to criticize the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, by stating “Death to Khamenei” during protests taking place in Iran.

The board will initiate the publication of decision summaries:

In addition, the board will initiate the publication of decision summaries to investigate instances in which Meta changed its mind on whether or not to remove a post after initially deciding to keep it up. According to the board, such incidents have the potential to be beneficial for both researchers and the general public, as well as to help Meta avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future.

Additionally, it was announced on Tuesday that Professor Kenji Yoshino of the Constitutional Law Program at the New York University School of Law will be joining the board as a new member. The Oversight Board now has a total of 23 members after the addition of Yoshino.

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