Top 10 Exclusive Formats for Metaverse


Top 10 Exclusive Formats for Metaverse

Daria Minasova, Brothers Production, shared a selection of 10 event cases that were adapted to the metaverse and received high coverage, the possibility of additional use of monetization tools, as well as effective pr-mechanics who continued to work for the brand after the end of the virtual event.

1. Concert David Guetta DJ Party

The organizers of the concert industry were among the first to explore the Roblox platform. Recent examples include the David Guetta DJ Party in early February 2022. The intergalactic concert was accompanied by a light show with lights, holograms, lasers, and loudspeakers. Fans explored a neon-drenched galaxy covered in crystals. Participated in DJ and dance battles, and also tried to solve the secret puzzle, using special abilities, in activities, watching an impressive show with special lighting effects. At the center of the world on the podium, David Guetta performed in the form of his avatar – a realistic 3D model that imitates the artist’s movements. For domestic currency, you could buy a hairstyle for an avatar, like a musician, and even a virtual model of a DJ.

2. EDC Festival

"Coachella 2022"

The annual Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) is one of the world’s largest electronic dance music events, taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada. So that fans around the world can participate in this exciting action, and not just watch the broadcast, the organizers created the Insomniac World Party – the world on Roblox as an additional activity.

Like the real festival, the world includes four stages where live performances took place. DJ avatars stood behind the consoles, imitating the real ones. And on the dance floor, there were tracks that played in real-time at the festival.


At the very beginning of the game, each player received a pet. It could be changed in the Insomniac store in the game, unlocking more than 20 pets by participating in activities.

In addition to visiting the concert areas, players could compete against the clock against other players at the Shuffle Showdown booths.


Go-Kart Racing was set in the Wasteland and included a three-lap race for you and up to 11 other players. It was launched every 15 minutes, as soon as the required number of participants was recruited. Many other areas of activity and networking were also envisaged.

3. Paris World virtual island

"Coachella 2022"

In early October 2021, Paris Hilton launched Paris World, where attendees could immerse themselves in the diva’s pink world with private jets, an entire zoo full of adorable animals, an unrealistically beautiful mansion, and a huge concert stage for VIP guests, and more. The highlight was a DJ set by Paris Hilton that started on Friday, October 8, 2021, and ran every hour over the weekend.

You could go to the Dash Radio studio, where Hilton communicates with celebrities, even visit the role of a guest star, whom Paris talks to on the air. Also, players could buy clothes with Robux or with in-game diamonds that can be collected on the map. Paris World has been updated daily with new celebrities.

Previously closed events published post-releases invited celebrities and bloggers, broadcast to expand the audience. With the metaverse, it became possible to attract maximum attention, while maintaining the status of an elite event. Additional interactive brand merch will remain with users forever, which will help promote the brand after the event.

4. Gucci Garden Archetypes Virtual Exhibition

In May 2021, Gucci held its Gucci Garden Archetypes event for two weeks. At a fashion house’s interactive display on Roblox, gamers could learn about Alessandro Michele’s important advertising campaigns for Gucci and buy rare virtual items for their avatars. The Metaverse was a digital copy of the real Gucci Garden show, which took place in Florence to celebrate the company’s 100th anniversary.

There were seven rooms to stay in. The other six rooms talked about where the brand’s creative director, Alessandro Michele, got his ideas and how they were used in his collections since 2015. One room was filled with plants and was for the Gucci Bloom perfume. The other six rooms were about the inspirations and visual references for Alessandro Michele’s different collections.

In a virtual subway car, his debut AW15 collection, Urban Romanticism, has been immortalized. Another room with a swimming pool

5. Fashion Awards Ceremony

"Top 10 Exclusive Formats for Metaverse"
Top 10 Exclusive Formats for Metaverse

The Fashion Awards, established by the British Fashion Council (BFC), took place in the Roblox Metaverse in November 2021. For the broadcast, a red carpet was created that resembled the real thing in London’s Albert Hall. Users were able to walk along with it with well-known figures in the fashion industry, study the profiles of the nominees, watch the broadcast of the awards and try on virtual outfits.

And the fashion council, together with Roblox and the Gucci brand, announced a new nomination in the field of virtual fashion – the Fashion Award for Metaverse Design. The first prize in this category went to Sapphire, the designer who created clothes for Roblox characters. And now this nomination will be an integral part of subsequent ceremonies.

6. Presentation of the series from the TV channel “Saturday!”

Among the spectacular foreign cases, there is also a very interesting Russian project from the TV channel “Subbota!” with the presentation of the new series “My Fair Strashko”. In Roblox, a small district of Moscow was created  with a cinema that looks like an” Artistic”

Journalists were invited to the private party and unique avatars were created for them. A special place in the project was given to partner integrations. The guests were taken by a branded Citymobil taxi. There was a press wall at the cinema itself, where the avatar of secular photographer Kolya Zverkov took photos from the event. Banners with promotional codes of partner services were placed on the streets of the city, and Scooter couriers delivered food along the roads. In the cinema itself, a Doshirachnaya food court was installed with the Doshik-themed dish, and it was also offered to buy popcorn and a drink.

The highlight of the program was the performance of the avatar of the singer Mary Gu with a cover of the hit “If love lives in the heart.” During the artist’s performance, footage from the series was shown on the screen.

7. Winter Resort by Ralph Lauren

From the most recent case: on December 8, 2021, the Ralph Lauren brand launched its virtual immersive project The Winter Escape. What is inside? Winter resort with a variety of entertainment. If a player, for example, has always dreamed of visiting the fabulous Alps, then he had such an opportunity. The user was able to ride a snowboard, cut the ice on skates, and warm up by the fire with a cup of tea and marshmallows. And as he explored this heavenly winter camp, he opened doors to the world of Ralph Lauren. Every mod gamer’s dream!

This project has been online for 27 days, collecting a lot of rave reviews and likes from users.

8. Online team building for an IT company

As part of an online team-building event for an IT company in the spring of 2021, we created a virtual copy of the main office in Moscow. Employees have been remote since the beginning of the pandemic, and some of the new ones have never seen the brand’s headquarters. But this is a place where individual specialists become a team, absorbing the corporate philosophy. Therefore, the activities were partly team-based.

Each classroom had its own activity. Employees ran around familiar locations collecting party logos, rode bikes and cars, played foosball, bowled at the bar in the kitchen, raced boats in the WC, went through a haunted labyrinth in the ventilation, could fight in a team shooter in the meeting room. Each player got the opportunity to customize their avatar into the branded merch of the event in the dressing room.

9. Hyundai Mobility Adventure Virtual City

Hyundai Motor Company announced the opening of the Hyundai Mobility Adventure space in the Roblox metaverse in September 2021. And presented five thematic zones:

Players return to Festival Square after exploring the world around them and can participate in festivals, festivities, and car demonstrations while socializing with other players.

Future Mobility City is a cutting-edge city where gamers may learn about Hyundai Motor’s future mobility options as well as hydrogen fuel cell technologies.

Eco-forest (with IONIQ’s backing) is a minimalist and leisurely lifestyle recreational place made feasible by the cohabitation of sustainable mobility technologies and fairytale imaginations.

Race Park (powered by the N sub-brand) – a location where players may try out the latest racing technology and sports, with the N sports brand’s powerful automobiles as models.

10. Nikeland Sports World

In mid-October 2021, NIKE launched the Nikeland branded place in the Roblox metaverse. A virtual copy of the company’s headquarters, which is physically located in Beaverton, Oregon, includes stadiums and sports fields where users can compete against each other to earn points. These points can be spent on customizing your avatar with branded items from NIKE. A great marketing tool for testing new products and exploring consumer interests!

In the Nikeland virtual world, users can:

Create your own sports mini-games. There are several mini-games that are player-controlled and do not have game modes tied to them. Swimming, for example, is not a game mode, but if players want to have a swimming competition, they will have to launch it themselves.

Other mini-games are the treadmill, obstacles, and races. Nickel has implemented a handy feature for mobile users to use accelerometers to detect movements. This way, if players jump, their Roblox avatar will also jump.

Players are provided with the tools and space to build their own obstacle course. Want to mix parkour with The Floor is Lava? Nickel has an entire building mechanic to make this a reality. This is done entirely in the player’s own backyard, on a piece of land that he can use for building. Basketball hoops, sports equipment, and even a punching bag can be bought in the lobby and placed in the yard.

Get virtual brand apparel from the Air Force 1, Nike Blazer, ACG, and Nike Tech Pack series, as well as new Air Force 1 Fontanka and Air Max 2021 releases.

Using smartphones and fitness bracelets, transfer your actual motions to the game.

The company intends to expand its virtual environment in the future by incorporating new features and services. Virtual visits to international sporting events, for example, will be available in VR mode.

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