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127 Hours’ Mountaineer Hissed as he Cut Off his Arm to Flee

127 Hours' Mountaineer Hissed as he Cut Off his Arm to Flee


127 Hours’ mountaineer describes his arm’s hissing sound when he chopped it off to escape:

The mountaineer whose story was the basis for the movie 127 Hours has told how his arm hissed as he cut it off to free himself.  In 2003, mountaineer Aron Ralston hurt his right arm when he fell while canyoneering and his arm got stuck under a rock.

"127 Hours' mountaineer hissed as he cut off his arm to flee "
UNILAD: 127 Hours’ mountaineer hissed as he cut off his arm to flee

The engineer went crazy when he ran out of food and couldn’t get in touch with the outside world. He had been trapped for five days.  However, he got away because the pocketknife he was using to break up the rock slipped and cut the tip of his thumb.

Aron knew he had to do the unthinkable when his finger made a small hissing sound.

“It tore off a piece of my thumb’s skin, kind of like how an old blister will tear away,” he told TLC as he went back to the scene of his accident.

The mountaineer went on: “It made me wonder, so I started asking questions. I put the knife in, and it went in as easily as if I had put it into a warm pack of butter.”


After being stuck for so long, the engineer’s right arm had lost all feeling, so he couldn’t feel this at the time.

Aron the mountaineer kept poking him until he heard a hissing sound coming from his arm.


“It went in about half an inch, and then I heard this hissing sound. That was the decomposition gases coming out of my arm, where they had been building up for five days as my hand broke down,” he said.

He had trouble staying calm:

When he heard this, he had trouble staying calm and went “into a panic” because he didn’t know what had happened to his limb.

“It frightened me. It shocked me. “It was horrible to think that my hand was falling apart while it was still attached to my body,” Aron said during a trip to Utah’s Bluejohn Canyon.

He started to pull and twist his arm to try to get away, but he soon realized what he had to do.

The engineer figured out how to cut off his forearm with a dull pocketknife. He said it hit him like an “epiphany.”

He failed two days ago:

Two days ago, he tried to do this but failed because he couldn’t cut through the two bones in his arm.

Aron slammed himself against the opposite canyon wall with all his weight, breaking both his arms and legs. The sound of the bones breaking could be heard all over the valley.

They broke near the engineer’s wrist, which was a good thing.“…

I told myself, “Okay, Aron, here we go. You’re in it now.” “Then I grabbed my knife,” he said.

He was able to cut through the remaining nerves and muscles with this and a homemade tourniquet.

He said that getting free felt like “fire” that spread through his arm, but he finally got out of his trouble.

“When I fell, I was free…

It was the best time I’d ever had. I’ve never been through anything more powerful.” During the interview, he said with tears in his eyes.

The events of that terrible April would later be turned into an autobiography and a movie starring James Franco called 127 Hours.

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