Top 10 NFL Records that Could be Broken in 2022

Top 10 NFL records that could be broken in 2022


Surprisingly, many of the longtime NFL records survived the first 17-game regular season. Eric Dickerson’s running record stood. Peyton Manning’s accomplishments in passing yards and passing touchdowns remained intact. Michael Strahan saw Pittsburgh’s pass rusher T.J. Watt repeat but not break his record for sacks in a season. The top 10 NFL records that could be broken in 2022 will be discussed here soon.

But in the 2022 season, Dickerson, Manning, and company may not be so lucky. This coming winter, several records may fall at once. Let’s list which ones, and who can do it.

Record for total touchdowns

Current record holder: LaDainian Tomlinson (31st in 2006)

"Top 10 NFL Records that Could be Broken in 2022"
LaDainian Tomlinson: Top 10 NFL Records that Could be Broken in 2022

This record will be hard to break even with an extra match. And yet there are a few players who can take a swing at L.T.’s legacy. That list includes Rams wide receiver Cooper Cap, Chargers running back Austin Eckler, and San Francisco wide receiver Deebo Samuel.

Receiving yards record is among the Top 10 NFL records:

Current record holder: Kelvin Johnson (1,964 yards in 2012)

Last year, Cooper Cup came very close to achieving Johnson’s. The current Super Bowl MVP scored 1,947 yards and led the NFL in receiving the ball (145). If he and quarterback Matthew Stafford stay in the ranks, Cap could become the first NFL player with 2,000 receiving yards.


Ball hitting record

Current record holder: Michael Thomas (149 in 2019)

Kapu lacked only four tricks to catch up with Thomas. In addition to playing chemistry with Stafford, he showed incredibly tenacious hands. In 15 games last season, Cap caught at least 80% of his passes.

Interception record is among the Top 10 NFL records:

Current record holder: Knight Train Lane (14 in 1952)

"Top 10 NFL Records that Could be Broken in 2022"
Knight Train Lane: Top 10 NFL Records that Could be Broken in 2022

The closest to the Night Train record was former Raiders cornerback Lester Hayes, who intercepted 13 passes in 1980. Dallas Cornerback Trevon Digs chased the record last year with 11 steals. Other favorites include Chargers cornerback JC Jackson, who made eight steals in his final season with the Patriots.


Sack record is among the Top 10 NFL records:

Current record holder: Michael Strahan (22.5 in 2001)/TJ Watt (22.5 in 2021)

Watt matched Strahan’s record, although he missed two matches due to injury. At the same time, Watt led the league in rushing yards for the second time in a row. He also provoked five fumbles, which helped him win Defensive Player of the Year for the first time in his career. With the Steelers adding depth to their linebackers and defensive linemen, Watt could be looking to break the record this year.

Rushing yard record

Current record holder: Eric Dickerson (2,105 yards in 1984)

Dickerson’s record might not have survived last year if Derrick Henry, who had 937 yards in his first eight games, hadn’t been injured. Henry is the favorite to win the record in 2022, but don’t lose sight of Jonathan Taylor, who was the top running back last season.

Record for accurate passes

Current record holder: Tom Brady (485 in 2021)

Brady broke Drew Brees’ five-year-old record and could break his own record in 2022. In all but one game, he has completed at least 20 assists. In a regular season game against the Rams, he threw 41 passes.

Passing yard record is among the Top 10 NFL records:

Current record holder: Peyton Manning (5.477 in 2013)

Brady got really close last season with 5,316 passing yards. That’s almost 300 more yards than the nearest competitor, Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert.

Record for passing attempts

Current record holder: Matthew Stafford (727 in 2012)

Brady was only eight pass attempts short of equaling Stafford’s achievement. In each game of the regular season, the Tampa quarterback made at least 30 pass attempts. In the playoff game against the Rams, he did 54 times to try to give the transfer.

Field goal distance record

Current record holder: Justin Tucker (66 yards in 2021)

Just last year, Baltimore’s standout kicker set a record, so there’s no reason to doubt he’ll try for a 67-yard kicker if the opportunity presents itself. Tucker won the Super Bowl with the Ravens as a rookie, and last season was arguably the best season of his career. He converted almost 95% of all field goals, including all six from 50+ yards.

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