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NFL Week 5 Ratings: Giants Get Surprised ‘A+’ In London; Steelers Get An ‘F’ For Loss To Bills

Giants Get Surprised  'A+' In London; Steelers Get An 'F' For Loss To Bills


Giants Get Surprised  ‘A+’ In London; Steelers Get An ‘F’ For Loss To Bills


"Giants "

The Giants Having been to London three times, three times they have come out with a win, and it’s safe to say their most recent victory was the most unlikely.

On paper, the Giants don’t look like they have much of a chance of winning Bakery on Sunday, but the Giants don’t read the paper. In front of a raucous crowd at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, the Giants managed to steal a game no one thought possible, winning 27-22. Not only did they pick the starting quarterback (Daniel Jones) who took the field in Week 5, but they were also missing several key receivers.



To be honest, it was actually worse than that. Here’s what the Giants faced this week:



With his options limited on offense, Giants coach Brian Daboll decided to throw the kitchen sink at the Packers: He devised a game plan with offensive coordinator Mike Kafka.

The Giants saved their most unique plays for the red zone. His first touchdown for New York came on a 2-yard run by Daniel Bellinger, which was more exciting than a standard 2-yard run.

That score came in the second quarter and cut the Packers’ lead to 17-10.

"Giants "

In the second half, the Giants were even better, scoring on each of their first three possessions. A big reason they were able to do that was Saquon Barkley’s game. After briefly leaving the game in the third quarter with a shoulder injury, Barkley returned to the field to make the two biggest plays of the game for New York.

The first came on a short snap from Jones that Barkley was able to turn into a 41-yard gain.

Four plays after that, Barkley lined up a play in a Wildcat formation, where he scored the game-winning touchdown.

Barkley carried the ball 13 times for 70 yards on the day.

While Barkley has been excellent, it could be argued that the Giants’ offensive MVP is Jones, who became the defining moment for his team despite playing with a weak ankle. Jones was near perfect, completing 21 of 27 passes for 217 yards. He also rushed for 37 yards, which surprised the Packers, who really didn’t expect him to be able to rush because of his ankle injury. A big play from Jones came on third-and-3 in the third quarter, when he rushed 4 yards on a tying QB to keep a drive alive.

The Giants are now 4-1 this season for the first time since 2009, and there’s no reason to think they can’t keep winning. They not only showed that they can play with the greats on Sunday, but they proved that they are one of the greats by defeating the Packers.

The Giants may want to volunteer to play in London more often. They are in England now and have made the playoffs every year they have played abroad.

Well, let’s get the ratings for each game from Week 5. If you want to dive deeper, Colts had a 12-9 win over Denver on Thursday.

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