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Sanna Marin, Finnish PM is Ready for a Drug Test

Sanna Marin, Finnish PM is ready for a drug test


Prime Minister Sanna Marin says she is ready for a drug test, according to her, the videos talk about more than “the flour gang”.

Videos of Prime Minister Sanna Marin, in which she celebrates with Finnish celebrities, have spread on social media.

"Sanna Marin, Finnish PM is ready for a drug test"
Sanna Marin, Finnish PM is ready for a drug test

Prime Minister Sanna Marin (sd.) says that she can take a drug test if necessary, but denies that she has used drugs.

I have nothing to hide. I haven’t used drugs, says Marin.

In an interview with Helsingin Sanomat, Riikka Purra, the chairman of the Basic Finns, raised the possibility of a drug test.


Marin commented on his party videos to reporters at Kuopio airport. He thinks it is special that a drug test is required.

I have not seen evidence that anything was used anywhere.


There has been a debate in the public about whether the people appearing in the video are talking about a “flour gang”, which could refer to the use of drugs. Marin says she hears something else in the video.

– When I listened to the video a few times, in my opinion, it doesn’t even say flour gang but something else.

Below in this article, you can watch a video of Marin’s first comments in Kuopio, as well as a celebration video that sparked discussion.

Compiled videos from private parties:

Videos of Marin partying wildly with Finnish public figures have spread on social media. In the video, made up of several video clips, the prime minister and other partygoers dance and sing together.

"Sanna Marin, Finnish PM is ready for a drug test"
Sanna Marin, Finnish PM is ready for a drug test

According to Marin, the videos are private and filmed on private premises a few weeks ago. He says he knew he was being filmed but believed the videos would remain private.

– I am upset that these have become public. It has been about the fact that I have been spending the evening with my friends. Party, even jokingly, danced and sang, Marin said in the morning.

Yle publishes a video summary that has sparked discussion because the prime minister is the country’s most significant power user, whose privacy protection is therefore clearly lower than that of an ordinary citizen.

The activities of the Prime Minister, even in his free time, have social significance, and Prime Minister Marin himself has confirmed the authenticity of the videos.

The evening had continued from a private apartment to two more bars in Helsinki, Marin told the media.

The Prime Minister commented on the videos live before the start of the second meeting day of the summer meeting of the SDP parliamentary group.

Marin did not assess the media who could possibly have leaked the private videos:

The Prime Minister says that he consumed mild alcoholic beverages, but no drugs.

– I myself have not used drugs, nor anything other than alcohol. I’ve been dancing, singing, partying, and doing totally legal things. Nor have I been in such a situation that I would have seen or known others act like this [using drugs], says Marin.

According to the interpretation spreading on Some, the video mentions a “flour gang”. In everyday language, flour may refer to drugs. It is difficult to understand the passage based on the recorded sound.

Marin says she doesn’t know anything about the “flour gang”.

I don’t know what it refers to. I can say that I myself have not used drugs, and I have not used anything other than alcohol.

The Prime Minister says that he did not see any drugs there either. He says that he was not in situations where he would have seen such a thing or otherwise been aware of it.

Marin has previously said that he wants to shake up the prime minister institution. However, according to him, celebrating is not about that.

– I want to show that ordinary people with ordinary lives work in these positions as well. I myself have a family life, a work life and yes, I also have free time that I spend with my friends. Pretty sure I am the same as many people my age.

The Prime Minister does not feel the need to change his behavior:

– Yes, I am going to be the same person as I have been until now and I hope that it will be accepted. We live in a democracy. In elections, everyone can solve these questions.

Marin’s celebration has also become news before. In December of last year, the Prime Minister spent the evening in a nightclub and left his official phone at home. He received information about his corona exposure before the party, but no information about self-isolation was sent to the phone.

Last year’s fall, Marini’s celebrity party in Kesäranta was also in the news.

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