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The Best Liquid-Cooled Gaming PC in 2022


The Best Liquid-Cooled Gaming PC: Liquid-cooled gaming PCs are geared at gamers who don’t want to compromise their gaming experience.

are geared at gamers who don’t want to compromise their gaming experience.
you’re looking for a new liquid-cooled gaming PC. While many fans exhaust heat from an air-cooled system, a liquid-cooled system employs coolant and pumps to absorb heat and transport it away from the system.
Overclockers who want to show off their rig from within a glass enclosure will appreciate this feature the most. The greatest water-cooled gaming PCs on the market today will be covered in this post.
These PCs are meant to cater to high-intensive computing jobs and survive long hours of usage, without breaking a sweat. Liquid-cooled gaming is pricey. Very costly. But the price tags are coming down. why we’ve sat down for this essay.
We show you some of the top liquid-cooled gaming PCs together with everything bit of related data you need for a clearer understanding.
We’ll also detail the different components that are unique to a liquid-cooled system and how they assist in raising gaming performance. For the rest, read on!

Liquid-cooled gaming PCs: Why Do You Need Them?

Liquids are better at dissipating heat than gases, according to thermodynamics.

You get more heat dissipation from a liquid-cooled PC because the coolant is able to absorb more heat from the CPU.

Since the heat dissipation is so good, you get a lot more benefits when you’re always gaming.


Noise reduction

CPU and GPU resources are taxed to their limits when you are playing a video game with a high frame rate and high quality.
High-intensity computing can put a lot of stress on your computer and cause it to overheat. This can cause your computer to shut down and damage your hardware if the heat exchange is not optimal.
When it comes to gaming, water-cooled PCs are the best option for dedicated gamers who want a future-proof system.
A liquid-cooled computer is at least 20 degrees cooler and can run higher FPS games with a similar configuration, as seen in the graphic above.

Operating at low temperatures

Cyberpunk 2077 can sound like a Tardis when played on an air-cooled typical gaming PC or laptop, even with an exotic configuration.
You can run the fans at a lower RPM with liquid cooling because the system temperature won’t rise. A 33 percent reduction in noise is claimed for systems using liquid cooling instead of typical air cooling.

How do Liquid-Cooled Gaming PCs work?

How do Liquid-Cooled Gaming PCs work?

Even if you have all three, you’re still a long way from having a good liquid-cooled gaming PC. As an example,


Reservoirs for liquids

The coolant is stored in a high-quality glass cylinder that comes with every liquid-cooled PC. You have the option of going with a transparent coolant or a colored one.
While keeping your gaming gear cool and safe, colored coolants look great on your gaming setup. It’s only that they won’t be cheap.
The reservoirs, but, refilled and do not need a lot of maintenance. You can change the color of your coolant on your own if you get tired of it. Find out how to replace your coolant by reading this guide.

Tubing made of either acrylic or metal

Your coolant is transferred from the reservoir to the heat exchanger via custom acrylic or metal tubing. These are intended to provide the best possible cooling.
As a general guideline, you should select the color and kind of tubing such that the coolant flow through the system can be seen. Your liquid-cooled gaming rig will look its best if these tubings are placed without any leaking.

The use of RGB lights

The illumination is provided via RGB lights. For the most part, these RGB lightings can be customized by the user. It’s even possible to customize the transition pattern such that the color changes.
Basic LED lights to complicated high-end designs are all available with most liquid-cooled solutions. But, because the RGB lightings are decorative, including them in your project would raise the cost.

Fans with either monochrome or RGB LEDs

Customizing your setup allows you to select the number of fans, their RPM, and even the sort of lighting.
The more fans you have, the better your system will be at dissipating heat. It will, but, consume a significant amount of electricity and continue to whir.
Fans can be lit in a single color or in an RGB color scheme that you design yourself. For RGB fans, you can choose the color of light you desire.

The Best Liquid-Cooled Gaming PC

Hyper Liquid Alloy Elite

Using CyberPowerPC’s Hyper Liquid Alloy Elite, you may play new games at high resolution and high FPS rendering with ease. You can play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare at 1080p at 260 FPS with its factory configuration.

A tempered glass top on the CPU’s twin chambers gives it a sleek, professional appearance. Take in both what you see and where it’s coming from all at once.

It has a customizable overclocking feature called Venom Pro Overclock, which lets you get the most out of your processor. A water-cooled gaming PC with a 240mm radiator block is included in the package.

Customizations that are supported

If you want, you can design your computer’s CPU cabinet as well as its case, as well as the liquid cooling system for it. It comes standard with a black face case, but you may upgrade to one with single-colored or RGB fans.

– An i5 or i7 processor can replace the Intel i9 processor. A few bucks will get you a different color of coolant besides the clear one that comes standard.

It’s possible to construct a PC that meets your specific gaming needs by selecting the correct motherboard, RAM, and graphics card.

Hyper Liquid Alloy Core

Hyper Liquid Alloy Core

One of the best liquid-cooled gaming PCs is the Hyper Liquid Alloy Core. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare can be played at 1080p resolution at 155 frames per second with this setup, whereas Cyberpunk 2077 can be played at 1080p resolution at 80 frames per second.
Tempered glass covers the CPU cabinet, which is available in two colors: black and white. Glitch-free gameplay is provided by an Intel Core i9 processor with a 16MB cache. An overclocking unit and water cooling are included to ensure optimal heat dissipation.
To ensure that you can play all the latest video games at high resolution and the greatest FPS, its 12GB GeForce RTX graphics card and cooling kit and thermal exchange units keep it cool.

Customizations that are supported

Both the RGB and the standard fans don’t have any kind of illumination features. You can, but, look through their fan inventory to find the ideal model for your machine.
A Venom Pro Overclocking Unit is included. You can upgrade to an Extreme or Ultimate Overclocking unit for a small fee.
If you need a lot of GPU power, you may choose a liquid-cooled video card with 32GB or 64GB of RAM. But, if you want to go with a more complex option, the price of your equipment could skyrocket.

 Hyper Liquid Xtreme

 Hyper Liquid Xtreme

If you want to take your gaming to the next level, the Hyper Liquid Xtreme is the mouse you want to get! Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and related games may be played at 1080p with an average frame rate of 255 fps on the base configuration. You would be able to see the tiniest of details rendered by the gaming engine at such a high frame rate.

Venom Extreme overclocking unit allows you to use 20% more GPU power than the factory settings. The 360mm Radiator and cooling components enable good heat dissipation, fueled by 32GB of RAM from four slots. This device has a one-year hardware warranty as well as three years of free service.

Customizations that are supported

The three 120mm RGB fan units that are pre-installed can be upgraded for a few dollars to six for an additional cost.

This machine does not come with a video capture card that you can purchase as an add-on. Choose colored connector cables to give your rig even more pizazz.

Hyper Liquid Black Mamba

Hyper Liquid Black Mamba

This is one of CyberPowerPC’s top liquid-cooled gaming PCs. When you buy this professional gaming rig, you won’t be leaving anything to chance.

You can watch your hardware in action through the see-through tempered glass enclosure, which features three 120mm addressable RGB fan units. A 30 percent overclock and more are possible with the Venom Ultimate overclocking module.

Customization is possible and encouraged.

  • Honestly, you won’t need any additional hardware to play games on this PC. However,
  • You may want to consider purchasing more high-speed fan units.
  •  If you want to draw more attention, you may swap out the clear coolant for a colorful one.
  • Upgrade your secondary hard drive from a slower mechanical hard drive to a quicker SSD hard disc.

Vanquish 295

Vanquish 295 is one of the best liquid-cooled gaming PCs that EKFluidGaming has in its arsenal. You can play Fortnight in 4K at 255 FPS on this water-cooled gaming PC.

For best performance with minimal heat generation, use an NVIDIA 3090 with a custom EK D-RGB water block. Extreme gaming, as well as 3D modeling, graphic design, and streaming, are all possible with this PC.

Its Custom Braided 8/24 PIN PSU cables offer optimum communication with the lowest impedance and noise. Other than that, everything inside is top-notch.

Customizations that are supported

  •  The EK Fluid Gaming 295 Vanquish may be customized with brilliant colors and dramatic lighting effects to match your preferences.
  • You may also use an EK Dye pack of a primary color of your choice to replace the clear coolant.
  • The only hardware alterations that can be done are the addition of coolant and connecting connections.

CUK Stratos Micro Gamer PC

The CUK Stratos is based on the Intel Core i9 processor and the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 graphics card. Nvidia discrete graphics card is one of the best on the market today and achieves speeds between 3.7 GHz and 5.3 GHz before overclocking.

The CUK Stratos is understated in terms of design, but that’s a good thing. Its minimalist design, which features squared-off glass panels and clean lines, may appeal to some. Lighting on three front fans that are LED-powered adds a modern edge, too.

The Stratos is more difficult to customize than other systems because it has an m-ATX chassis. For example, there aren’t a lot of areas to swap out the stock cooler or replace a hard drive. For this pre-built alternative, all you’ll need are some basic tweaks.

Using a built-in cooling system, the Stratos is able to push its components a little further than comparable gaming PCs can. An AIO liquid cooler with six 120mm high-pressure fans is included. The fans are placed strategically throughout the chassis to provide additional cooling support.

Finally, the cooling system of the Stratos is very effective thanks to the sophisticated hybrid cooling configuration. With so many fans, the GPU rarely reaches 113°F, while the CPU is rarely above 156°F. That means there is no need to worry about overheating or throttled performance.

Thermaltake Glacier 370

Thermaltake Glacier 370

The AMD Ryzen 5 5600X CPU and Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 GPU are combined in the Thermaltake Glacier 370. All the best hardware from AMD and Nvidia is available for gamers that want to play the most challenging games.

Those who like the Glacier’s minimalist design will be hard-pressed not to fall in love with it. The big side window in the Thermaltake casing lets you see right into the “guts” of this liquid-cooled gaming PC. Furthermore, LED lighting can be customized to any desired look.

Additionally, the GPU is vertically oriented out of the box. There are two key advantages to this build decision. The first is to make more room within the box itself (for clearance and airflow). You can see all of your components clearly through the glass side window.

The ten-core i9-10900KF CPU has a maximum boost clock of 5.30 GHz. It’s blazingly quick and incredibly responsive, with more than enough power to play the latest games. Similarly, the 3070 GPU can provide good frame rates even while using the most extreme settings.

Finally, a closed-loop 240mm AIO cooler keeps the CPU from overheating by acting as the system’s “heartbeat.” Five quiet 120mm TT ARGB fans assist in this endeavor. They aid in the creation of ice-cold temperatures throughout the box since they are set up for positive pressure airflow release.

Alienware Aurora R13

Alienware’s Aurora R13 is the company’s newest and most advanced spacecraft. Pre-assembled gaming performance has been taken to new heights thanks to a liquid-cooled i7-12700KF processor, 16 GB of DDR5 RAM, and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti graphics card.

The R13 has a bigger chassis and a side glass that shows the inside components. This no longer hinges open, but instead simply pulls off, allowing complete access to the motherboard. So that you can easily upgrade the memory or storage, it’s much easier to do so.

In addition, the thermals have seen a significant upgrade. Additionally, the R13 has a 120mm “Cryo-Tech” liquid cooling installed on its processor. Cryo-Tech uses a quieter 5-blade fan and a thicker radiator to maintain a comfortable 176°F operating temperature.

Especially at 1440p, the Aurora R13 is a powerhouse for modern games. We observed that Halo Infinite operates at between 140 and 180 fps when all settings are maximized. Nevertheless, Battlefield 2042 remained at approximately 110 fps for the most demanding scenarios.

Finally, the AlienFX RGB lighting surrounding the I/O port ring now extends into the chassis, which we find very appealing. That adds to the system’s visual appeal, especially when viewed from the side, making it even more impressive. As far as ready-made liquid-cooled gaming PCs go, the Aurora R13 is one of the best.


The heat dissipation capabilities of water-cooled gaming PCs are much beyond those of their air-cooled equivalents.
If you’ve got a specific need or budget in mind, liquid-cooled PCs allow you to pick and choose practically every component of the CPU.
The cost of a liquid-cooled gaming PC is significantly more than that of an air-cooled one.
Customization is easy with liquid-cooled systems because of their modular design. As most of the components are already put together, you may keep upgrading your PC, making it future-proof.


Are liquid cooling systems better for gaming?

Yes. The graphical processing power required by today’s video games is extremely high. As a result, the heat generated by the GPU and processor slows down your PC’s performance. To maximize your gaming PC’s performance, you need to use adequate liquid cooling and an Overclocking unit.

Maintenance is required for liquid-cooled computers?

Yes, computers with liquid cooling require more maintenance than those with air cooling. Every six months or once a year, depending on your gaming habits and the type of games you play, you should clean and replenish your rig’s coolant. Check your system’s instruction manual and service guide before dismantling it to avoid any problems.

What is the cost of a liquid-cooled gaming PC?

Liquid-cooled gaming PCs can cost up to $6000, depending on the hardware components and additional cosmetic options you choose.

Does liquid cooling cost so much?

Conventional air-cooled systems have a lot fewer components. To dissipate heat, a liquid-cooled system needs a radiator, coolant, fans, and tubing.

Which liquid cooling system is best for PCs?

Hyper Liquid Black Mamba is one of the greatest liquid-cooled gaming PCs on the market, especially given its price-to-performance ratio. You may check it out for yourself.


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