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The Best Medical Technology Stocks Of 2022: Precision Thanks To Machine Learning

 Medical Technology Stocks Of 2022 Precision Thanks To Machine Learning


Medical Technology Stocks Of 2022 Precision Thanks To Machine Learning


"Medical Technology"
Medical Technology

Medical technology shares have become the focus of investors due to the corona pandemic. But the manufacturers of medical equipment have much more to offer than lung machines, air sterilization machines and ventilators. New technological achievements such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning ensure that medical devices and robotics play an increasingly important role in our healthcare

. Medical technology can be used with increasing precision both in diagnostics and in complicated surgical procedures. No wonder that sales in the industry have been growing steadily for many years. In this article, we look at them for you best medical technology stocks 2022.

Siemens Healthineers take over billions


" Medical Technology"
Medical Technology

The medical technology industry made headlines as the German group Siemens Healthineers successfully completed the USD 16.4 billion acquisition of radiotherapy equipment manufacturer Variant in spring 2021. The Siemens offshoot strengthened its international market position in cancer therapies – an area that (unfortunately) also promises growth in the future. You can find out more about Siemens Healthineers shares below.



Which Medtech Stocks To Buy?


There are exciting medical technology companies in a wide variety of medical fields. From simple devices such as clinical thermometers or heart rate monitors to imaging systems that are used in diagnostics to high-precision surgical robots that can perform complicated medical procedures in a minimally invasive manner. Below you will find a list of ten medical technology stocks, three of which we will then present to you in more detail:


List of the top ten medical technology stocks


Medical technology share     course        ISIN                symbol            currency             Market Cap (Billion)

Siemens Healthineers AG     43.79       DE000SHL1006 SHL              EUR                                           49.43

ShockWave Medical, Inc.      278.07      US82489T1043 SWAV        USD                                           9.95

Qiagen NV                                     42.09         NL0012169213 QIA             EUR                                           9.77

Lantheus Holdings, Inc.         70.33        US5165441032 LNTH           USD                                           4.83

Johnson & Johnson Corp.   163.54      US4781601046 JNJ                USD                                           429.98

Intuitive Surgical Inc.             187.44      US46120E6023 ISRG             USD                                            66.94

InMode Ltd                                    29:11       IL0011595993 INMD            USD                                            2.42

Haemonetics Corpo..            74.09          US4050241003 HAE              USD                                            3.80

Fresenius SE & Co. KGaA    21.63          DE0005785604 FRE                EUR                                             9.93

Draegerwerk AG & Co. KGaA 42.45   DE0005550636 DRW3           EUR                                              0.37


Top stocks in the medical technology industry


Investors could invest in the following medical technology stocks :

" Medical Technology"
Medical Technology
Shockwave Medical stock: New, minimally invasive therapy for calcifications

Shockwave Medical (ISIN : US82489T1043 – Symbol: SWAV – Currency: USD) is a US medical technology company that develops devices to treat calcifications. The so-called intravascular lithography is a minimally invasive, simple and safe therapy for the treatment of calcifications in the cardiovascular system. Similar to the crushing of kidney stones, calcium deposits and plaques in vascular and heart valve diseases are broken up and removed using sound pressure waves.


Breakeven point should be exceeded this year

In the last three years, Shockwave Medical has increased sales by an average of +136% thanks to the breakthrough technology. For 2022, analyst consensus is for sales to grow +89% to $449m and earnings per share to be $2.04. This would mean that the Californian company would break even in an impressive way, since it had made a small loss of USD -0.26 per share in the previous year. For the coming year 2023, the market experts then expect a further +31% increase in sales to USD 588 million and a +47% higher profit of USD 3.00.

The uptrend This share offers speculative investors decent price potential in the long term, because shockwave technology has the potential to become the standard in the treatment of vascular calcification. There could also be a takeover bid for the $7.6 billion company from larger medtech companies at any time.


Intuitive Surgical Share: Robotics & Artificial Intelligence


" Medical Technology"
Medical Technology

Intuitive Surgical (ISIN: US46120E6023 – Symbol: ISRG – Currency: USD) is the world leader in minimally invasive robotic-assisted surgery. With, thatVinciSurgical System allows surgeons to perform medical interventions through small incisions or the navel using a console.

A 3D image processing system, applications from the field of artificial intelligence and small robotic joints ensure that the system can work better, i.e. more precisely and in a controlled manner, than the most experienced surgeon in more and more operations. Although the cost of a da Vinci system is not exactly cheap at around USD 2 million, this is why more and more hospitals and surgical centers are making this investment.


Almost consistently double-digit sales growth


With one exception in the Corona year 2020, when clinics made major investments almost exclusively in the area of Covid-19, Intuitive Surgical has recorded steady double-digit sales growth for many years. For the current year 2022, analysts are currently expecting sales growth of +12% to almost USD 6.4 billion. Earnings are expected to increase only slightly this time, from $4.79 to $4.89 per share.

In the coming year, however, earnings should grow faster than sales again: the market consensus for 2023 is for sales growth of +13% to USD 7.2 billion and a +17% increase in earnings of USD 5.74 per share . theIntuitive Surgical Stockis currently USD 213 a good distance away from its highs of just under USD 370. This could offer long-term oriented investors an opportunity to enter the quality stock.


Siemens Healthineers share: German medical technology pioneer in the DAX

Siemens Healthineers (ISIN: DE000SHL1006 – Symbol: SHL – Currency: EUR) is one of the five largest medical technology groups in the world. The roots of the Siemens subsidiary go back to the year 1847, when the Siemens & Halske company in Berlin began producing electromedical devices. In 2018, the medical technology business of the Siemens Group was bundled in the newly founded subsidiary Siemens Healthineers and floated on the stock exchange.

However, thanks to a majority stake of 72%, Siemens remains in control. After increasing to 40 values is theSiemens Healthineers stocksince autumn 2021 inDAX index listed. The Group’s product portfolio includes a wide range of medical devices such as ultrasound and mammography systems, computer and magnetic resonance tomographs, X-ray systems, diagnostic and laboratory equipment, as well as radiation therapy and particle therapy systems. IT solutions are also offered.


Varian’s acquisition boosts sales and profits


In 2021, the company increased sales by +24% from EUR 14.5 billion to EUR 18 billion. Earnings per share “only” rose by +11% to EUR 1.57 per share, mainly due to the costs for the Varian takeover mentioned at the beginning. For the current 2022 financial year, analysts expect a (mainly acquisition-related) increase in sales of +17% to EUR 21.1 billion and earnings growth of almost +45% to EUR 2.28 per share.

In the coming year 2023, around EUR 2.36 per share should be earned with sales of EUR 21.8 billion. At the current share priceAt around EUR 48, the Siemens Healthineers share is not a bargain, but it is valued quite attractively in an international comparison. The highs of 2021 in the EUR 67 range could be targeted again sooner or later.


Medical technology stock performance comparison


company                              course               52W low                 52W high                6 m                    1 yr               5 yer

Siemens Healthineers      43.79                40.35                        67.88                    -22.22%            -21.18%          —

Intuitive Surgical            187.44            184.94                       369.69                     -38.65%         -44.29      61.33%

ShockWave Medical         278.07               113.36                     314.90                    33.60               39.33%          —

qiagen                                        42.09                 38:10                        51.48                        -5.90%         -4.28       57.72%

Lantheus                                  70.33                  22.20                       87.47                         20.51          171.8    295.11%

Johnson&Johnson           163.54             155.72                      186.69                    -8.22%             1.91%    25.79%

In fashion                           29:11                20.60                           99.27                        -22.31%          -63.08%          —

Haemonetics                 74.09                43.50                           79.45                           16.04%          2.90         65 .12%

Fresenius SE                 21.63               20.99                            42.44                         -35.24%       -46.94%    -68.34%

Draegerwerk              42.45              38.25                           72.10                         -16.93%        -38.70%      -55.03%

Medtech Stocks: Solid Steady Growth

A number of medical technology stocks have recently shown relative strength in a weak market environment. This is probably mainly due to the fact that the industry is considered to be less susceptible to economic activity. Hospitals, surgical centers and medical practices also invest in economically difficult times, especially when the new technology promises efficiency and cost savings.

The numerous innovations of recent years have already conquered and revolutionized a number of medical areas. This trend is likely to continue in the coming years. Market experts expect annual growth rates of at least +5% for the multi-billion dollar medical technology market in the coming years. The three stocks featured, Shockwave Medical, Intuitive Surgical and Siemens Healthineers, should go a step further here.


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