The Best Universities In The World In 2022

Best Universities In The World In 2022


Best Universities In The World In 2022


Before choosing an international university to study abroad , each student evaluates several criteria. The QS World University Rankings , one of the three most reputable university rankings summarizes the criteria for ranking universities in 6 key indicators:

The institution’s academic reputation , or peer judgment, representing 40% of the final score, is the most important criterion. This data is obtained by consulting experts and scientists active all over the world.

Employer Reputation , or also called Recruiter Judgment, accounts for 10% of the final score. This data is obtained by consulting major national and international recruiters from the private and public sectors.


The teacher/student ratio represents 20% of the score.

The number of research citations , or the quality of the research, accounts for 20% of the final score.


Its international faculty ratio , or teacher attractiveness, accounts for 5% of the final score, and it is measured by the number of international faculty.

And its international student ratio , or student attractiveness, is 5% as well.

Top 10 best universities in the world in 2022


According to this ranking, the top 10 universities are ranked as follows:

1.University of Massachusetts (MIT). Cambridge, USA:



For the ninth consecutive year , MIT is again the leader in the World University Rankings, with top 10 scores for academic reputation , employer reputation, and citations per faculty member.

2. University of Oxford. Oxford, UK:



The University of Oxford climbs one place in the World University Rankings this year and continues to be the highest ranked in the UK , with perfect scores for its reputation among graduate scholars and employers .


3. Stanford University. Stanford, USA:


Stanford University , located near Silicon Valley, is again ranked second among the best universities in the world thanks to its highest score for its academic reputation (fourth). It is ranked among the best universities in the world.


4. Cambridge University. Cambridge, UK:



The University of Cambridge drops one place in the 2020 World University Rankings, and maintains its position in 2021, and remains one of the top 10 universities in the world, with perfect scores for academic and employer reputation .

5. Harvard University.  USA:


Harvard maintains its position as third in the world, and first in academic and employer reputation indicators .


6. University of California (Institute of Technology). Pasadena, USA:


The university is known for its strength in science and engineering and is one of a small group of institutes of technology in the United States that is primarily dedicated to teaching pure and applied science.


7. Imperial College London, South Kensington , UK:


Created in 1907, it was one of the components of the University of London before becoming an independent institution on its hundredth anniversary in 2007.


8. ETH Zürich. Zürich, Switzerland


ETH Zurich is for the second year ranked as the sixth – best university in the world and continues to be the highest-ranked institution in continental Europe , with its highest score in the Faculty Citations Indicator (a measure of impact of research).


9. UCL. London, United Kingdom:


Up two places in 2020, UCL (University College London) was now the highest ranked institution in the British capital , London, achieving its highest score for academic reputation , before this two position drop in 2021, for finish tenth, but still among the top 10 universities.


10. University of Chicago. Chicago, United States:


Down one place from the previous year, the American University of Chicago regains its place in 2021, and remains in the top 10, while obtaining a better score for the university reputation indicator .

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