The Last of Us Co-Creator Made Child Clicker Terrifying Using a T-shirt

The Last of Us Co-Creator Made Child Clicker Terrifying Using a T-shirt


The co-creator of The Last of Us made child clicker very scary with just a T-shirt

We got our fix of The Last of Us a little earlier than usual this week, thanks to the Super Bowl. It was a total horror show, with a pinch of heartbreak thrown in for good measure.

"child clicker"
UNILAD: child clicker

The most exciting parts of the episode:

When a child clicker attacked Ellie, it was one of the most exciting parts of the episode. The jump-scare scene was so scary that it made people feel very uneasy but in a good way.

Fans of The Last of Us are used to how violent the infected are by now, but something about this young clicker was especially unsettling.

Later in the episode, the little clicker girl is very mean to Kathleen, which she probably deserves. Sam, Henry, Ellie, and Joel are lucky that they have some time to get away.


People who watched the child clicker couldn’t believe what they had just seen. One traumatized fan tweeted, “I’m still not over #TheLastOfUs.” “The little girl with the clicker was scary.”

“That child clicker was… scary”:

Someone else said, “That child clicker was… scary. Even the games weren’t brave enough to show infected kids outside of Sam. This show isn’t a waste of time.”


Now, the show’s co-creator, Craig Mazin, has looked into how the scary child clicker was made and how one simple thing made her so scary. Craig said on the official The Last of Us podcast that Skye Cowton, who is only nine years old, played the creepy clicker.

“She’s such a pretty little girl, but it’s so weird how she can move her body that way. “So, it was a mix of her performance and what Wt [FX] did with prosthetics to make this little girl.”

Aside from her weird contortionist moves, the child clicker was especially scary because of one thing, which was, of course, Craig’s idea.

“I made our child clicker wear a Blue’s Clues shirt,” he said. “I’m really sick, and I loved the contrast between the innocent and the scary.” Craig also said that he and co-creator Neil Druckmann watched a lot of child contortionists try out for the scary character, but when nine-year-old Skye came in, there was no question that she would get the part. He said that Skye was the scariest.

I think that’s true.

The only person I could think of who could be like Skye’s creepy child clicker is M3gan, our cool little robot friend. If someone other than her tries to fight off a body-bending, fungal-infected, echolocating demon child, it’s game over.

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