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Ratings Of The World 10 Most Beautiful Countries In 2022

The 10 Most Beautiful Country In The World


 The World 10 Most Beautiful Countries In 2022


"Beautiful Country"
Beautiful Country

The World Economic Forum’s annual Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report named Costa Rica as the most picturesque country in the world. A small state in Latin America, located between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, attracted attention with its amazing biosphere. In addition, the country not only preserves forest areas, but also constantly increases their area. In addition, the presence of two most beautiful and largest reservoirs endows the area with unforgettable and unique landscapes.

Rating of the TOP 10 most beautiful countries on earth by nature

Millions of tourists, travelers, photographers try to convey the riot of colors of our planet as accurately as possible. Over the past ten years, more and more countries have opened up and shown the world the most hidden places, wonders of the plant / animal world, surprised by the vastness and grandeur. You can admire the azure coast, forest expanses, green jungles, deep lakes, majestic glaciers, dormant volcanoes, deserts on various continents.


The world in its diversity is too unique to be easily compared. But thanks to international tourism competitions, information resources, numerous discussions, reviews, publications, it is possible to highlight the leaders who are included in the ranking of the top 10 most beautiful countries on earth by nature in 2022.



10. Norway

The amazing world is hard to imagine without Norway. This northern country is considered to be one of the most beautiful on the planet. Why are only unique fjords, as in the photo – narrow bays, smoothly sliding through mountain ranges and flowering meadows. Also stone cliffs, troll road, unusual glaciers and ice caves, northern lights, waterfalls and magnificent sunrises. The harsh climatic temper in winter gives sharpness to sensations.


9. Indonesia

" Beautiful Country In The World"
Beautiful Country In The World

The most favorite country for recreation and wintering among Russians, Australians, Europeans is Indonesia, and more specifically the island of Bali. The country is simply immersed in greenery and natural beauty, something even seems like a miracle of the planet. The east of Java reigns in the tropical jungle against the backdrop of a volcano, the beach area of ​​Belitung is simply excellent, the tangerine groves in Ubud, the rice fields in Sumatra are too picturesque, the fabulous valleys and mountains are revealed in a special way at the time of rainfall. Indonesia is often written about as the most beautiful island in the world.


6. South Africa

" Beautiful Country In The World"

The African continent has become popular due to its primitiveness and wildness. Tourists call the South African states the most memorable and richest in landscapes. You will have to be surprised a lot and often, which erases any patterns of civilization. Many guests emphasize the unique atmosphere, breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean, adventurous safari in national parks, travel through the Kalahari Desert, the view of the Drakensberg Mountains, the fascinating coastline of the Garden Route.


7. Australia

" Beautiful Country In The World"

Colorful Australia has conquered millions of hearts with its gentle and steep slopes, endless deserts and lush forests. The coast of the Pacific and Indian Ocean hits the very heart, besides, the wonderful climate makes it possible to enjoy them all year round. The unique fauna and the close living of people with them surprises foreigners from all over the world. Australia is the only continent without glaciers or volcanoes and has the largest Great Barrier Reef.


6. Iceland

" Beautiful Country In The World"

It is impossible to imagine the ranking of the most beautiful countries on earth without mystical Iceland. The location on an island in the Atlantic Ocean gave a small state a powerful nature. Its strength lies in the many-sided waterfalls, geysers, rocky terrain, ocean coast. Icelanders, regardless of their harsh climate, are lucky to observe all sorts of natural phenomena. For example, the black coast of Reynisfjara, the northern lights, the immigration of huge whales, the Icelandic canyon, the Eyjafjallajökull glacier, the Baurdarbunga volcano.


5. Sri Lanka

" Beautiful Country In The World"

The most beautiful places are in Sri Lanka, on an island located in the Indian Ocean. Breathtaking green distances, plantations, palm jungles – everything about the island. In addition, it is buried in orchids, flowers, ferns, trees and sandy beaches. Tropical nature includes a huge number of unique species: the island is considered one of the most biologically diverse in the world. Sri Lanka is also characterized by the Sigiriya rock, the Kumana and Yala national park with animals, the botanical garden, waterfalls and, of course, the most beautiful tea plantations.


4. Russia

" Beautiful Country In The World"

Russia occupies a leading position in the world in terms of natural resources; it has absorbed the most unique variety of landscapes, reservoirs, forests, steppes, mountains, and seas. The presence of temperate, arctic, subarctic and subtropical climatic zones allowed the most unusual plants to germinate and a variety of animals/birds/insects to live. In the international sense, primeval Russian forests, the deepest Lake Baikal, the Elbrus volcano, the Curonian Spit, the Troitskoye, Elton and Svetloyar lakes, including Raspberry Lake, the North Caucasian Ranges, the Charskaya Desert, the Altai Territory, occupy a special place in the ranking.


3. Switzerland

A sense of perfection is experienced in Switzerland. Seeing perfectly green alpine meadows on foot or by mountain train is the first wish when visiting Switzerland. Tourists associate even better walks with the flourishing city of Locarno, the picturesque village of Lauterbrunnen, Lake Lubern. In the coastal towns of Vevey and Montreux, it is easy to enjoy the aesthetics with a panorama of Lake Geneva, white swans and snow-capped mountains.


2. Canada

" Beautiful Country In The World"

Canada is a Beautiful Country and Canada is among the leaders of eco-countries in terms of a huge number of advantages and, first of all, bypasses everyone in the beauty of lakes. An amazing organic landscape of chaste nature, striking in its size mountains, taiga forests, tundra and steppes. Canada with mountains and lakes is breathtaking, and the fabulous green-blue color of the water in the lakes Emerald, Moraine, Minnewanka enchants. Wildlife, national parks and reserves endow Canada with the most unique landscapes.


1. New Zealand

" Beautiful Country In The World"

“The best nature in New Zealand” New Zeland is the Beautiful Country- such words can often be heard from visitors to a small state in Polynesia. New Zealand occupies two connected islands with an area of ​​268,680 km², located in the Pacific Ocean and the Tasman Sea. A feature of a small country is its natural diversity, a riot of colors, clean air and a pleasant climate. Travelers praise the natural harmony on the formed land in Oceania. They also get excited about the combination of rocky frontiers above the Tasman Sea, from volcanic terrain and sandy seashores, emerald landscape and endless oceanic expanses.

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