17 Interesting Things You Forgot To Clean

17 Things You Forgot To Clean


 Things You Forgot To Clean: A light switch

" Things You Forgot To Clean"
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Just consider how frequently you turn on the lights each day. You spread germs every time you touch the light switch, regardless of how clean you think your hands are. Use a damp cloth and your preferred cleanser to give them a regular cleaning.


More than only hard floors can be cleaned with a Swiffer Sweeper floor mop. You may also keep neat and tidy interior walls with it. You should press a dry cloth with a dry attachment along your dusty walls and trim. Without using a ladder, you can safely pick up dust, cobwebs, and grime.


As disgusting as it may sound, if you don’t regularly clean your TV remote, it will be covered with bacteria and dead skin cells. Use an alcohol-based wipe or spray with a 70% alcohol concentration to clear it once each week. After that, thoroughly dry the surface.

Things You Forgot To Clean: Pillows

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Every four months or so, you should wash your pillows. To get rid of sweat and dead skin cells, put them in the washing machine on a gentle cycle with hot water. To help in drying and prevent the pillow guts from clumping, add a few clean tennis balls.



Given how frequently we use our phones, it makes sense that they are filthy. Use a cleaning spray or wipes with 70% isopropyl alcohol to clean it every day.

Internal Closets

Remember to clean out your closets the next time you deep clean your home. Make it a point to declutter once a year (or once a season), after which you should clear and dust your closet’s walls, trim, and shelves and give it a thorough vacuuming.


Things You Forgot To Clean: Exterior Lighting

Your outdoor light fixtures get dirty, just like anything that is exposed to the elements. Make it a routine to clean and examine your outside lights once a year, paying close attention to any signs of pest nests. Mice and other rodents thrive in the warm climate created by outdoor lighting.

A doorknob

We all possess them and interact with them. How often do you clean your doorknobs, though? Use an alcohol-based cleanser for a few minutes to eliminate any remaining germs (or one of these other high-touch surfaces). Just be careful not to get any on wood doors or trim, as this could harm the finish.


Your mattress becomes dirty even when it is covered with sheets and a mattress cover. Periodically vacuuming it and scrubbing any stains that may form is a good idea. Any remaining musty odors can be effectively eliminated by letting it air out for a few hours in the sunshine outside.

PVC Siding

Despite the fact that vinyl siding typically remains reasonably spotless, occasionally you’ll encounter tough stains that require more than a fast spray from your hose or power washer. Learn how to thoroughly clean your siding to make your home sparkle.

Climate Control

Spring is the ideal time to check that your air conditioner is in good operating order. Air conditioners require annual cleaning and maintenance. Both within the house and outside the condenser unit, there are a few things that are simple to keep neat. A neglected air conditioner might result in a lot more trouble and repair costs.


More than 15,000 fires are brought on by lint buildup inside dryer cabinets each year. Before and after each use, empty the lint trap, and once a year at the very least, keep the dryer vent neat. About once each week, the interior of the dryer should be cleaned with a moist cloth.


Smoke and odor problems in ovens can be brought on by accumulated spills and leftovers of stale food and liquids. Large spills should be cleaned up right away, and you should make it a practice to run your oven’s cleaning cycle frequently. One of our favorite oven cleaners is Easy-Off. You can also try these natural oven-cleaning techniques.


Your dishwasher should essentially be self-cleaning, but sadly, it isn’t. Your dishwasher’s nooks and crevices become filled with food particles and filth, which eventually prevents your dishes from being thoroughly cleaned.

The soffit vents

To keep your soffit vents clean and maintain proper attic ventilation, do this. In the summer, it will reduce the need for air conditioning, and in the winter, it will keep condensation off your roof.

Weep holes in windows

There are weep holes on the external bottom of the frame of many sliding windows and vinyl replacement windows that are used to drain rainwater. Weep holes may become blocked by garbage and insects. To keep them neat, insert a wire hanger into the opening or blow compressed air through it.

Shower fan grill

Bathroom exhaust fans are clogged with debris due to a combination of household dust, moisture, and humidity. Bath fan grills are very simple to clean. Take hold of the cover’s edge and pull it down. To remove the cover, squeeze the springs to get them out of the slots.

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