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Amazon will Stream Thursday Night Football Live

The first Thursday Night Football game on Amazon Prime Video sparks wild reactions


The first Thursday Night Football game on Amazon Prime Video sparks wild reactions.

Many football fans didn’t know what to expect from Amazon Prime’s debut Thursday Night Football game on September 15. Older fans, especially after learning that Amazon Prime isn’t a channel bundled with cable, had a hard time figuring out how to watch the game.

""Amazon will stream Thursday Night Football live
Amazon will stream Thursday Night Football live

NFL fans will have to adjust to this new reality after Amazon inked a $13 billion contract with the league through 2033. The annual cost to the firm to exhibit 15 games is $1 billion.

However, in order to watch the game, fans will need an Amazon Prime membership, which costs $14.99 per month or $139 per year. A Prime Video membership is also available for $8.99 per month. Additionally, there is a free 30-day trial available to fans.

Fans nevertheless managed to find humor in the disruption. Jokes about folks having to figure out how to watch the Chiefs vs. the Chargers game or trying to teach their loved ones how to do so inundated Twitter.


Amazon is getting ready to launch its live streaming of Thursday Night Football:

Amazon is getting ready to launch its live streaming of “Thursday Night Football,” and the company has high hopes that it will improve the broadcast experience to the point that fans will want to keep watching.

On Thursday, the firm will broadcast its very first National Football League game, which will be a matchup between two early-season Super Bowl favorites: the Kansas City Chiefs and the Los Angeles Chargers. The pregame coverage is scheduled to start at 7 p.m. Eastern Time, as indicated by a giant banner and countdown clock that are displayed on the primary page of Amazon’s website. The game is slated to start at 8:15 p.m. Eastern Time.

"Amazon will stream Thursday Night Football live"
Amazon will stream Thursday Night Football live

As part of the agreement between Amazon (AMZN) and the National Football League (NFL), which was announced in March of the previous year, Amazon will have exclusive rights to broadcast the league’s “Thursday Night Football” games. The broadcasts were initially planned to commence in the year 2023; however, their launch date was ultimately brought forward to the 2022 season.

Amazon is making significant investments to become a streaming destination:

The game on Thursday is the most recent illustration of how Amazon is making significant investments to become a streaming destination. It is anticipated that many spectators would watch the game for the first first time on Amazon Prime Video rather than on traditional cable or broadcast networks because of this event. (Fans in the cities that are home to each of the clubs will still have the opportunity to watch the game on television.)

In order to persuade sports fans that its viewing experience represents the future of sports broadcasting, Amazon is adding numerous new layers to the service.

The National Football League (NFL) will provide viewers with real-time access to a set of statistics known as Next Gen Stats. These stats make use of machine learning to assist in the prediction of metrics such as pass completion and rushing yards. Amazon has announced that it will also incorporate its X-Ray function, which offers viewers additional context about what is being displayed on the screen.

In addition, Amazon has hired prominent announcer Al Michaels and longtime ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit to call the games. Broadcaster Charissa Thompson and former NFL players Richard Sherman, Tony Gonzalez, and Ryan Fitzpatrick will also host pregame, halftime, and postgame analysis.

In addition, Amazon has formed a partnership with the rating agency Nielsen to track the number of people watching the games that are shown on Prime Video. This is a first for any streaming service.

The ball, on the other hand, will continue to play the same role in the game. The actual game ball will not undergo any changes, despite what was presented in a promotional video in which NFL players were shown using a “Prime ball” that had a new and unique shape.

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