Top Interesting Things Girls Speak vs Girls Think

Topmost Interesting Things Girls Speak vs Girls Think


Are all girls hard to understand? Why can’t we get what they really mean? Are girls really talking with double meanings?  The boys really getting a tougher time with girls’ mentality. They have to be psychologically very strong in order to understand their girl’s psychology.

"nteresting Things Girls Speak vs Girls Think"
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Here are some very casual sentences or remarks mostly girls make and boys never understand what girls really meant by them:

Interesting Things Girls Speak vs Girls Think:

Do I seem okay? — I’ll be angry if you respond anything other than “yes.”

Is this adorable? – Again, affirm.


I’m good. I’m not okay.

There is no issue. There is unquestionably a problem.


I’ve had it or I’m over it. – I’m not, no.

More Funny Interesting Things Girls Speak vs Girls Think:

Honestly speaking, I really don’t even give a damn. I care so much.

Are you still not eating? – Better start eating.

I do not wish to be the sole eater. I don’t want to appear to be a food-only person. (It is.)

This salad is quite filling. — Anything for a burger, please.

I’m eating less. I haven’t eaten anything today. yet.

I despise makeup. — I’m so grateful that makeup is a thing.

It’s bad being a girl. — My period is coming.

I abhor boys. — I got mad at a boy.

My cheat day is today! — A cheat day occurs every day.

It’s not my fault that getting ready in the mornings takes so long. — I must be at fault because I visited Facebook.

I adore your outfit. — I’m mad at you for buying it before me.

I believe I have plans for that evening. — I only have Netflix

(Watch Netflix’s latest movies) scheduled, but I don’t really want to hang out.

Do you believe I’m feeling something? Do you believe I am crazy?

Am I being too dramatic? — I am aware that I am overreacting, but I still need your help.

Our conversation became strange. — It’s been like a day since they texted me.

Together, we’ve been through so much. — There was a time when we fought.

Without him, I genuinely don’t know what I would do. I would probably be okay.

Not really hungry at all. — I want to eat.

I’ll only eat one piece of candy. — * consumes the entire bag *

Today, I got out of bed. — I tried to make it look like I didn’t try at all for at least forty minutes.

There is nothing I can wear. — I have a lot of clothes and several things I could wear, but I don’t particularly like any of them right now.

I adore being unmarried. Until I’m alone watching a rom-com, being single is fine.

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