Top weird Things Vegans do Mostly, You Must Know

Top weird Things Vegans do Mostly, You Must Know


How can you tell if someone is vegan or not? Don’t worry, they’ll let you know for sure. We MUST do it. Most of the time, we can’t do things that have to do with food. If you try to give us a dead animal or food that has been covered in pus without knowing that we are vegans, you will be breaking the most important part of our moral code. If you invited a Satanist to a Christian church, they would tell you to stop with this “joke.” It’s not as clever or funny as you think it is.

"Top weird Things Vegans do Mostly"

Top weird Things Vegans do Mostly

For something to be Eaten, it must be raw

An ingredient list included “Raw Vegan Oreos.” Why?? Oreos, you don’t even need to be vegan. Wow, this is very cool. Raw vegans will like this option, but the rest of us can get by just fine with ordinary Oreos.

Extra virgin coconut oil is used in excess

Both olive oil and canola oil are vegan-friendly. Unfortunately, coconut oil seems to be an absolute must in any vegan dish. It’s used for everything from teeth whitening to eating to hair and skin care by my vegan pals, who are all completely enamoured with it. Whereas, I’m not sure if I still have the gallon of coconut oil that’s taller than I am in my kitchen cupboard. Is it true that I recently posted a piece on how to whip up your own coconut oil body butter? Maybe.


Nothing bad can happen to you

In particular, vegans have a tendency to assume that everything labelled as such must be healthful. Oreos, to provide one example, are more like candy than cookies. Even if the food wasn’t originally intended to be nutritious, it may end up becoming so after being organized. like nutritious doughnuts. I wish I could say yes, but unfortunately no. Please bring me some vegan doughnuts with lots of oil.

Just salads, that’s all they eat

Perhaps you find this entertaining, but I don’t. God, you have to prove to your non-vegan pals that vegans eat more than just salad. Like any compassionate vegan, I like a hearty salad from Sweetgreen now and then, but I know I can’t survive just on greens. Some vegans will make me feel guilty even if I choose fries over a side salad since I’m helping the environment and animals.



It seems like kale is sprouting up overnight. kale that has been deep-fried until crisp. Yes, even a chocolate-covered kale chip! One may conceivably consume these, but does anyone actually do so? those who choose not to eat meat or animal products. I have yet to meet a vegan who doesn’t think kale is the greatest thing since sliced bread. We understand completely. In the same way that you are fit and green, so is this.

Overly ornate components

It can be tiresome when your vegan friend constantly talks about the “Goji berry flax and chia seed date cupcakes” she brought for a snack. Vegans are not only to blame for this.

I’m being intentionally sarcastic here. Vegans are routinely mocked for their lifestyle choices, despite the fact that they benefit the vegan, the animal, and the planet. Pick something else from this list if you absolutely must buy something with a vegan’s money.

True, vegans might be irritated because of their difficult lifestyle, but even vegans find some of the actions of their fellow vegans to be grating. Everything is in good humour, after all. If I were an “unpleasant vegan,” I could write one of a million essays about how obnoxious meat eaters are.

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