NBA playoffs, this is why Boston annihilated Miami

Why Boston Annihilated Miami


Boston brings home with personality a game that will not go down in history for its spectacular nature. The Heat are making an incredible effort offensively (32% of the field), only scoring 80 points and now they find themselves with their backs against the wall, losing 2-3 in the series.

"why Boston annihilated Miami"
why Boston annihilated Miami

Heat cornered after the Game 5 loss. Spoelstra: “A few empty passes in the third quarter finally made the difference”

Boston leads thanks to third-quarter acceleration. After a truly disappointing first half in which the visiting team only scored 37 points, the Celtics regained their offensive brilliance, keeping the Miami attack at bay. “If we always manage to keep the defensive intensity high, sooner or later we free ourselves in attack – underlines coach Udoka – we played poorly in the first half but in the third quarter as soon as we stopped committing bad turnovers the team started to produce.

We have a lot of confidence in our players, we know that it only takes a spark to ignite our attack and we saw that in the third half”. “There is little to say – replies Erik Spoelstra – we have done very little to be able to beat a solid team like Celtics.


Cue the Miami backyard

Game to forget for the Lowry-Strus duo that closed out Game 5 with a disastrous 0/15 shooting. Without minimal production from the starter on the Heat’s perimeter, it becomes virtually impossible to try to get the Celtics in trouble. “We missed a lot of good conclusions – says Coach Spoelstra – Lowry and Strus?

They didn’t push too hard, took the shots they needed to take, and generally scored. Boston defends very aggressively but tonight we moved the ball pretty well, unfortunately, we never managed to catch the shot.


The performance of a Lowry who is obviously not yet in top form was truly catastrophic: zero points (0/6 shooting), zero assists, three turnovers, and five fouls in 25′. “I don’t want to make excuses – said the former Raptors – if I’m on the field it means I’m fine, unfortunately, I played very badly. Now we have to forget about this event and focus on race-6”.

Boston Match Point

"why Boston annihilated Miami"
why Celtics annihilated Miami

Now the Celtics, up 3-2, can play their first game point at the TD Garden. “Miami certainly won’t give us anything, so we have to play Game 6 like we’re up against the wall and not the Heat – warns Tatum – we know the series is still in the balance, as we were down 2 against Milwaukee too – 3 and we continued to win on the outside and then close accounts in the streak of -7”.

“I know we can win in Celtics – Butler underlines – we have done it before and we can do it again. You have to change the pace though, again when you struggle on offense you start to fade on defense and that should never happen.

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