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Best 5 “Humanitarian” Professions In Demand In IT

5 "Humanitarian" Professions In Demand In IT


5 “Humanitarian” Professions In Demand In IT


"Professions "

In a couple of years, most IT products will be created by non-IT people. We tell you which specialists without programming skills are already in demand in the field of high technologies

Is it right to divide people into “humanitarians” and “techies”

There is a myth that a person’s penchant for the humanities or technical sciences determines which hemisphere of the brain is dominant in him. Allegedly, the right is responsible for creativity, and the left is for logic. However, as a study by scientists from the University of Utah shows, this is not true. They analyzed more than 1,000 people and found no connection between their cognitive style and lateralization – an asymmetry in the activity of different halves of the brain.


The fact that anyone can equally succeed in both conditionally creative and technical professions is also evidenced by real experience. Confirming stories, for example, can be found among the IT employees of Sibur’s digital division. The former designer now leads the company’s digital product development department, the former educator is in charge of programming interfaces, and the former fundraising specialist has become a data architect.



The interdisciplinary approach is the trend of the future



Information technologies penetrate into all spheres of our life, and it is already difficult to meet a company where there are no technical specialists. This is evidenced by the Best Company Award 2021 ranking of the best employers for IT beginners. The top 50 includes corporations from a variety of industries – from industry, civil service, and consulting to logistics, FMCG and retail.

An interdisciplinary approach is becoming the trend of the future. At the junction of different professional fields, new specialties appear. Teach a journalism graduate to analyze data, and you will get a data journalist who works with Big Data and writes texts. Let a policeman learn how to code and he will become a cyber detective, detecting hackers and internet scammers.

“Now digital business is seen as a team sport by executives and is no longer the exclusive domain of the IT department,” said Rajesh Kandaswami, vice president of research at Gartner.

Gartner predicts that in two years 80% of IT products will be created without the participation of IT specialists. This is facilitated by the situation in the labor market caused by the COVID-19 crisis, which attracts non-professionals to the industry. In addition, artificial intelligence is already being developed that can write code better than an ordinary programmer. Also, no-code platforms, constructors that allow you to create IT services without writing code, are gaining more and more popularity.


5 professions in IT that are suitable for non-programmers


For students and schoolchildren, in order to be in demand in the future, it is advisable to start mastering skills from related fields right now. This knowledge will help you better understand other specialists, and the T-shaped skill set will allow you to outperform competitors in the labor market. But if you are already established as a professional, there is also a place for you in the IT industry, where many positions do not require coding skills.


Product Manager profession


The Product Manager, or Product Manager, is a kind of visionary. In companies, such specialists launch and control the operation and development of products. A strategist, analyst and leader, this person must connect market trends, project economics and team capabilities.

For example, if a company decides to release its application, it cannot do without a product manager. He will either delegate to someone, or he will conduct audience and market research, as well as calculate economic indicators – costs and profits. Then he will have to set tasks for developers, designers and other specialists. When the application is close to launch, it will be necessary to conduct testing, and then constantly improve the service.

To get into the profession, you need to have an entrepreneurial mindset. It is suitable for people with experience in managing teams and knowledge of how business processes work. You do not need to know how to program, but you will have to communicate with developers a lot. To get a job, it is better to take additional courses. At the start, such specialists receive ₽70–100 thousand, and in high positions they can earn ₽600–700 thousand.


Project manager profession


The main task of such a manager is to ensure that the project remains within the triple constraint. This means that the right deadlines, budgets and functions are met throughout the work. The project manager is the link between stakeholders and performers. He needs to be able to plan and manage tasks.

If a company is doing a project to automate internal processes for a third-party organization, such a specialist will be required at all stages. He will need to collect information from clients, and then assign tasks to the team and plan out the budget and deadlines. Communication with the customer and performers will occupy the main part of the work.

People of various business specialties will be able to become a project manager. You can develop additional skills in retraining programs, and people with no experience are often taken for internships. The salary of a novice project management specialist is ₽50–60 thousand, and at later stages it reaches ₽350 thousand.


IT Copywriter profession


"Professions "

This is a person who knows how to write texts about technology. IT corporations need such people to build external communications with the audience. The copywriter immerses himself in the subject and communicates a lot with specialized specialists within the company in order to competently talk about its products and processes.

For example, a copywriter in IT can keep a blog or business social networks to attract new customers by talking about the products and activities of the corporation. If a new project is launched, this specialist will go to those who developed it, find out all the details, and then describe everything in an understandable language for a wide range of readers.

IT copywriting is available to people who can write and are ready to understand the topic of high technologies. You will need critical thinking, interviewing skills, and a desire to constantly develop observation. You can start by working on freelance exchanges, and then try to send a resume to companies. On average, such specialists earn from ₽50 thousand to ₽300 thousand, depending on experience.


Marketer profession


"Professions "

Such employees are engaged in the promotion of products. They need to be able to work with advertising accounts, plan and set up targeting, and contextual and email marketing. They also need to analyze their work and understand how different channels work and optimize them.

If a company releases a new service, a marketer needs to find the right audience, set up ads for it, and choose the right channels, such as mailing lists or social networks. He will think over the campaign and will interact with copywriters and designers to create selling content. In addition, his task is to work with old users, constantly warming up their interest in existing products.

Marketers can move into IT from a variety of industries. The main thing is to know the right tools. Earnings will be from ₽50 thousand to ₽300 thousand.


PR Manager profession


Another profession related to advertising, is in demand in IT companies. If the marketer works directly with the audience, sending them selling messages through different channels, the PR manager acts indirectly. He works on the image of the corporation and its reputation.

For example, a PR manager communicates with specialized media, bloggers and stars who can influence the right audience. He negotiates with them about publications or reviews on products and business activities, exposing them in a positive light. Also, this specialist can come up with various PR activations – from the participation of company representatives at various exhibitions and conferences to the development of merchandise.

As in IT marketing, PR management can come from specialists who previously dealt with public relations in other areas. However, this will require a broad vision – knowledge of specific publications, influencers and events that are suitable for developing the company’s image. The salary of a PR manager in IT at the start will be about ₽60 thousand, but over time this figure can grow to ₽150–220 thousand.

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