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Two Major British Government Ministers Resigned

British Government Ministers Resigned, a shocking news


Two key British government ministers resign: Earlier, Health Minister Sajid Javid resigned due to disagreement with the actions of Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

"Two key British government ministers resigned"
Twitter: Two key British government ministers resigned

“It was a great honor to play this role, but I regret that I can no longer continue to do so in good conscience,” Javid tweeted.

“Society rightly expects the government to work properly, competently, and seriously. I understand that this may be my last ministerial job, but I believe that these standards are worth fighting for, and that is why I am resigning,” he added. Sunak.

When was the resignation of two British government ministers was announced?

Their resignations were announced minutes after Boris Johnson apologized for appointing a Tory MP who was accused of molesting two drunken men at a private club.


Johnson sent messages of thanks to Javid and Sunak, praising ministers for not shying away from “tough decisions.”

“Thank you very much for your letter of resignation, I was very sorry to receive it,” he wrote to Sajid Javid. “We will miss you very much.”


In Rishi’s message to Sunak, Johnson noted that the minister “did an outstanding service to the country at the most difficult economic moment in the post-war period.”

Who has been appointed as the new UK health secretary after the resignation of two British government ministers?

After the resignation of British government ministers, Stephen Barkley, chief of staff to the prime minister, has been appointed as the new UK health secretary. The Minister of Finance, Rishi Sunak, was replaced by the current Minister of Education, Nadhim Zahavi.

As BBC political commentator Chris Mason notes, what is happening now in the government could turn into a complete collapse.

“Two resignation announcements back to back, and in the most extreme terms […] If the resignations continue, it will be very, very difficult for Boris Johnson to remain as prime minister,” he writes.

Inevitable ending after British Government Ministers resignation:

“After all this dirt, scandals, and failures, it is clear that this government is collapsing, and the Conservative cabinet ministers knew very well what the prime minister was,” Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer said of the latest resignations. “They were all singing along for this whole sad story, but the British public cannot be fooled. The Tory Party is mired in corruption, and a change of one person will not fix it. Only a real change of government can bring about the change that Britain needs so much”.

“You have discredited our great country for too long,” Liberal Democrat leader Sir Ed Davey tweeted, and also advised the prime minister to “leave, and leave immediately.”

And former Deputy Prime Minister Michael Heseltine, who is 1990 was not afraid to challenge Margaret Thatcher herself, believes that the conservatives themselves want to get rid of Boris Johnson.

“I think after 148 backbenchers voted against Boris Johnson and former party leaders Michael Howard and William Hague called for him to step down, the end was inevitable,” Heseltine said in an interview with the BBC. “Conservatives have an instinct to survival, and they realize that with Boris Johnson they won’t win the next election.”

However, it is still premature to say that Boris Johnson has completely lost the support of ministers. Thus, Foreign Minister Liz Truss said that she “supports the Prime Minister 100%.”

According to analysts, Defense Minister Ben Wallace, Home Secretary Priti Patel, Justice Minister Dominic Raab, and the Ministers for Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales do not intend to leave the current government.

A vote

"Two key British government ministers resigned"
CNN: Two key British government ministers resigned

of no confidence in early June could be one o the causes of the resignation of British government ministers:


In early June, Boris Johnson won a no-confidence vote and remained British Prime Minister.

At least 54 members of parliament from the Conservative Party made a call to declare no confidence in the prime minister. According to the party rules, this is enough for the issue to be put to the vote of the entire faction.

The reason was the indignation of some conservatives over the content of the report by Sue Gray, who investigated violations of the quarantine regime on Downing Street in the midst of the coronavirus epidemic.

At that time, Rishi Sunak backed Johnson, saying that the prime minister had shown strong leadership on issues such as the introduction of the anti-virus vaccine and support for Ukraine.

The party thing:

The scandal erupted late last year when a series of press reports revealed that several parties had taken place at the Prime Minister’s Downing Street residence during the lockdown, at a time when such gatherings were against the rules.

These events included Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his wife Carrie, among others.

Johnson and others at the gatherings on Downing Street said the events were strictly working, and while wine and snacks were on the tables, social distancing measures were observed during the gatherings.

For one such infraction – during Johnson’s birthday celebrations in Downing Street in June 2020 – the Prime Minister and his wife were fined by London police.

Last month, the end of the police investigation was announced. The police found no more violations in the behavior of Boris Johnson, and he does not face further fines.

Simultaneously with the police investigation, an internal investigation was also carried out.

A senior British government official, Sue Gray, has prepared her own report on violations by politicians and government officials of the lockdown rules.

Her report stated that the staff of the Prime Minister’s office and the government did indeed ignore the anti-COVID restrictions they had introduced. At the same time, her initial report did not contain any names or details.

In the final version of the report, its author added nine photographs in which the prime minister was captured with a glass in his hand. Johnson had previously told the House of Commons that no anti-covid rules were broken at Downing Street.

After the full text of the report was made public, many British politicians – mostly opposition, but also some members of Johnson’s party – said that such a disregard for quarantine rules and misleading parliamentarians did not paint the prime minister and he should leave office immediately.

According to the rules of the Conservative Party, in order to start the procedure for changing the leader, 15% of its deputies must write letters of no confidence to the prime minister.

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