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Lenovo Yoga 7 14 G7 Laptop A Great Kit Review

AMD Ryzen 7 6800U Multimedia Transformer


Lenovo Yoga 7 14 G7 Laptop A Great kit: Ryzen, USB 4, and OLED. Lenovo Yoga 7 is a 14-inch transformer based on the modern AMD Ryzen 7 6800U chip. Performance is very good, but what about everything else? Could the Yoga 7 be better than the Yoga 9i?

Not so long ago, the flagship transformer Lenovo Yoga 9i 14 visited our review. This time we’re taking a look at the Yoga 7 14, which occupies a lower position in the manufacturer’s model hierarchy but is still interesting due to the AMD processor. So far, the only Ryzen 7 6800U-based laptop we’ve been able to test was the Asus Zenbook S 13, so we’re very interested to see how this chip performs in a 14-inch convertible.

We reviewed the €1499 (~$1500) Yoga 7 14 G7 82QF0018GE configuration equipped with a Ryzen 7 6800U with integrated Radeon 680M graphics, 16GB of RAM, and a 1TB SSD. The laptop also has a 90Hz OLED screen.

"Lenovo Yoga 7 14 G7 Laptop"
Lenovo Yoga 7 14 G7 Laptop A Great Kit Review

Design and features

The dark gray body of the Lenovo Yoga 7 14 G7 Laptop is very similar in design to the  Yoga 9i  – in particular, it has the same rounded side edges. The lid is slightly shorter than the body base, which is noticeable in tablet mode. In general, the appearance is somewhat less premium compared to the older Yoga 9i, for which the manufacturer used polished metal as a construction material. However, the Yoga 7 is also up to the mark: it uses an aluminum one-piece construction, which is very good in terms of durability and tactile sensations when used. The lid and base do not bend or deform, and also do not crackle even with great effort.


Instead of a centrally located hinge with speakers, like the Yoga 9i, this model uses two hinges on the sides: they are well adjusted and securely hold the lid in any position without letting it wobble. You can open the laptop with one hand, but it’s not easy. The coating is not very easily soiled, prints are not striking. However, in other colors in this regard, everything may be different – Lenovo Yoga 7 14 G7 Laptop is also available in a light blue version of Stone Blue.

Weighing in at 1.4kg, the Lenovo Yoga 7 14 G7 Laptop is one of the lightest of the bunch, but the older Yoga 9i beats it out thanks to its slimmer profile. The laptop comes with a standard Lenovo 65W USB Type-C adapter that weighs 338 grams.

"Lenovo Yoga 7 14 G7 Laptop"
Lenovo Yoga 7 14 G7 Laptop A Great Kit Review


All the most commonly used ports are in place: in addition to USB-C and USB-A, there is a card reader and full-sized HDMI. One of the USB Type-C (the one closer to the front side) stands out with support for the modern high-speed USB 4.0 standard. The laptop supports displaying images on 4 displays: one built-in and three external.

"Lenovo Yoga 7 14 G7 Laptop"
Lenovo Yoga 7 14 G7 Laptop A Great Kit Review

Left side: HDMI 2.1, USB-C 3.2 Gen 2 (10 Gbps, DisplayPort ALT Mode 1.4, Power Delivery), USB-C 4 (40 Gbps, DisplayPort ALT Mode 1.4, Power Delivery 3.0), microSD slot.

"Lenovo Yoga 7 14 G7 Laptop"
Lenovo Yoga 7 14 G7 Laptop A Great Kit Review
Right side: audio jack, USB-A 3.2 Gen 2, power key

card reader

Lenovo Yoga 7 14 G7 Laptop has a microSD slot – it is located on the left side and has a spring-loaded card locking mechanism. The memory card protrudes slightly from the case when fully inserted, but due to this, it is convenient to remove it. The card reader is average, we measured 90 MB/s paired with our Angelbird AV Pro V60 reference card; when copying photos, the speed reached 80 MB / s.


Lenovo Yoga 7 14 G7 Laptop chose the MediaTek RZ616 (2×2) Wi-Fi adapter, which supports Bluetooth 5.2 and Wi-Fi 6E. Unfortunately, we were never able to connect to a 6 GHz network paired with our Asus reference router. The wireless connection speed reaches 1.7Gbps in a 5GHz network and is also very stable. The communication range is also good.


Above the display is an IR camera and a standard 1080p webcam with a mechanical privacy shutter (which is awkward to use on this model). Image quality is noticeably better than the standard 720p cameras found on most laptops; color reproduction is also more accurate.

"Lenovo Yoga 7 14 G7 Laptop"
Lenovo Yoga 7 14 G7 Laptop A Great Kit Review

Touchpad and touch screen

The touchpad is large, but ambiguous in terms of quality. The touchpad measures 12 x 7.5 cm and is big enough to use multi-finger gestures, but the built-in keys cash in with a loud and obnoxious click – just like cheap laptops. This feature violates the overall good impression of the model.

The kit also includes an Active Pen stylus, which is powered by batteries. It recognizes up to 4096 levels of pressure and did not cause problems during the tests. The only drawback is the lack of a slot in the laptop to store the stylus.

The touch screen worked flawlessly during tests.


The Lenovo Yoga 7 14 G7 Laptop features a 2.8K OLED display with a resolution of 2880×1800 pixels and a 16:10 aspect ratio. The panel installed here (LEN140WQ+) has already been seen in another Lenovo laptop – the IdeaPad Slim 7i Pro. The main feature is an increased refresh rate of 90 Hz, but by default, it is 60 Hz and therefore you need to go into the settings and set the frequency yourself. The smoothness of movement and animations on the screen increases significantly when switching to 90 Hz.

The brightness is quite typical for modern OLED and reaches almost 400 cd/m² in SDR mode. In HDR mode, which must be enabled manually in Windows, the brightness can increase to 592 cd/m², and on a solid white background, it reaches 560 cd/m². Since the black level is perfect due to the use of OLED technology, the contrast is very high and there is no backlight bleeding as such. This display has PWM at 360Hz at 80% brightness or lower, which can be a problem for sensitive users. Viewing angles are very good, only at some steep angles, you can see the color haze characteristic of OLED.

"Lenovo Yoga 7 14 G7 Laptop"
Lenovo Yoga 7 14 G7 Laptop A Great Kit Review


Lenovo Yoga 7-14ARB G7 Specifications


AMD Ryzen 7 6800U 8 x 2.7 – 4.7 GHz, 45 W PL2 / Short Burst, 25 W PL1 / Sustained, Rembrandt U (Zen 3+)

Graphics adapter

AMD Radeon 680M


16 GB, LPDDR5-6400


14.00 in. 16:10, 2880 x 1800 pix. 243 PPI, capacitive, LEN140WQ+, OLED, glossy: yes, HDR, 90 Hz

Data storage

Kioxia BG5 KBG50ZNT1T02, 1024 GB, 905 GB free

Sound card

AMD Zen – Audio Processor – HD Audio Controller


1 USB 3.1 Gen 2, 1 USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 20Gbps, 1 USB 4.0 40 Gbps, USB-C Power Delivery (PD), 1 HDMI, 2 DisplayPort, Audio Connections: 3.5 mm, Card Reader: microSD


MediaTek RZ616 (a/b/g/n = Wi-Fi 4/ac = Wi-Fi 5/ax = Wi-Fi 6), Bluetooth 5.2


thickness x width x depth (mm): 17.4 x 317 x 220


71 Wh Li-Ion, 4-cell

Operating system

Microsoft Windows 11 Home


Front camera: 1080p
main. camera: 2 MP
Speakers: 4 Stereo Speakers (2x 2W woofer & 2x 2W tweeter), Keyboard: Chiclet, Keyboard Light: yes, 65W PSU, Lenovo Vantage, 24 Months Warranty guarantees in Europe
The weight: 1.43 kg, power adapter: 338 g
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