Need for Speed ​​ProStreet Cheats, Best Techniques

Need for Speed ​​ProStreet Cheats


Need for Speed ​​Pro Street Cheats

If you want to make a lot of money easily, try the following multi-step technique. Keep in mind that this can be repeated over and over again for as much money as you want.

  • 1) Launch the game and load your career profile.
  • 2) Go to the cheat menu in the game and paste the UNLOCKALLTHINGS cheat.
  • 3) After unlocking the bonus, save your career.
  • 4) Restart your career and head to the garage. The code was supposed to unlock several new expensive cars.
  • 5) Sell the bonus cars you got for $90,000.
"Need for Speed ​​ProStreet Cheats"
Need for Speed ​​ProStreet Cheats

Need for Speed ​​ProStreet Cheats Sheet

Paste the following passwords into the in-game codes menu for the desired result.

  • 1MA9X99 – Get $2,000
  • 1MI9K7E1 – Get $10,000
  • CASH – Get $10,000
  • CASTROLSYNTEC – unlock Castrol Syntec vinyl
  • COKEZERO – Unlock Coke Zero Golf GTI
  • ENERGIZERLITHIUM – Unlock bonus vinyls
  • HORSEPOWER – unlock Chevelle SS
  • ITSABOUTYOU – Unlock Audi TT
  • L1IS97A1 – Get $8,000
  • LEIPZIG – unlock progressive bonus vinyl
  • MITSUBISHIGOFAR – unlock Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution
  • REGGAME – Get $10,000
  • SAFETYNET – Get five repair tokens
  • UNLOCKALLTHINGS – Unlock the Nissan 240 SX, Pontiac GTO, Chevy Cobalt SS and Dodge Viper SRT 10.  Note: Enter this again to advance to the four elite kings in your career
  • W2IOLL01 – Get $4,000
  • WORLDLONGESTLASTING – Unlock Dodge Viper SRT10
  • ZEROZEROZERO – Unlock Coke Zero Golf GTI

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