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Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss Took His Life at 40

Stephen 'tWitch' Boss Took His Life at 40


Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss Took His Life at 40

At the age of forty, actor and choreographer Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss took his own life. He was most known for his roles as a dancer and “fake DJ” on the show “Ellen,” which was hosted by Ellen DeGeneres. There are articles about it on TMZ.

Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss’s  wife contacted the authorities

"Stephen 'tWitch' Boss Took His Life at 40"
Nicki Swift: Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss Took His Life at 40

The magazine was told by insiders within the police department that Alison, Steven’s wife, contacted authorities because she was concerned about his disappearance. Her account states that on the morning of Tuesday, December 13, her husband unexpectedly walked out of the house and headed to an unknown destination without a car.

This was very unlike him. At 11:15 a.m. on the same day, an urgent phone call came in from a hotel in Los Angeles. Stephen’s body was discovered inside the room. It has not been determined what led to the suicide of Boss at this time.

The wife urged the media not to disrupt their family

Alison, the artist’s wife, has already announced the artist’s passing to the journalists. In a statement that was provided to PEOPLE magazine, the woman urged the media not to disrupt their family while they are going through this trying time.


I must break the news to you all with the heaviest of hearts that my husband, Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss has decided to leave the family. Stephen lit up every room he entered. Above all else, he placed the utmost importance on his family, his friends, and the community that he was a part of. For him, it meant everything to guide others with love and light.

The ideal husband and father

He was the rock upon which our household was built, the ideal husband and father, and a source of motivation for all of his admirers. It would be an understatement to say that he left behind a legacy, and his positive influence will continue to be felt long after he is gone. “I have no doubt that we will continue to pay tribute to his memory each and every day,” Alison said in a statement.


– Steven, we love you and miss you very much, and I promise you that I will always dance the last dance for you.

Ellen DeGeneres, a comedian and the girlfriend of Stephen, has not yet provided a statement regarding the news of his passing.

The leader of the company rose to prominence after appearing on the MTV dance show “The Wade Robson Project” as well as the American adaptation of “Everybody Dance.” Stephen finished second place in the competition for the show’s championship in 2008, and he later participated in the project as a judge in 2022. The dancer has made appearances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show as a guest DJ every year since 2014, and in the year 2020, he was promoted to the position of executive producer on the project. “tWitch” has also appeared in Magic Mike XXL, Modern Family, and Step Up, all of which are film and television productions.

Stephen has been married to fellow All Dance show contestant Alison Holker ever since their wedding in 2013. He was survived by his daughter Wesley, who was 14 years old, his son Maddox, who was 6, and his daughter Zaya, who was 3 years old.


“Twitch was a good person with a gentle spirit; that is how I will always remember him… This was his 40th birthday party, and my heart goes out to his family, especially Allison and their beautiful children. This is a terrible tragedy… Loni Affection, a comedian who hosted a daytime TV show, expressed her love for her brother in a tweet and that she will miss him “very much.”

Boss was given his nickname as a child because he was unable to remain still for too long. Boss was born in Montgomery, Alabama.

After receiving his diploma from Lee High School in Montgomery in the year 2000, he continued his education at Southern Union State Community College and Chapman University, where he majored in Dance Performance.

When he was interviewed by author and former football player Lewis Howes for the latter’s podcast six years ago, he discussed his background, including how he was raised by a single mother and how his relationship with his absentee father helped shape who he is today. Howes is a former football player.

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