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Amazon Prime Day 2022: Massive Discounts in Two Days

Amazon Prime Day 2022: Massive Discounts in Two Days


Amazon Prime Day 2022 is just around the corner. There are only two days left. Huge discounts on the portal will continue from 12 to 13 July. However, bargain hunters have time to prepare.

Amazon Prime Day: History:

"Amazon Prime Day 2022: Massive Discounts in Two Days"
Shutterstock: Amazon Prime Day 2022: Massive Discounts in Two Days

Prime Day was launched in 2015 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of shipping giant Amazon. According to Amazon, it was the busiest day ever. Since then, Amazon has been organizing shopping events around the world every year. However, only Amazon Prime members can participate.

Amazon Prime Day 2022: 7 tips for bargain hunters:

Amazon Prime Day 2022:Tips:

1. Subscription required:

Anyone not yet a Prime member must sign up for a Prime subscription on Amazon prior to the shopping spectacle. You can easily find out if Prime is right for you with a free 30-day trial. Then you can either monthly or annually pay contributions. Plus, with a Prime membership, you don’t have to pay for shipping labeled products.

2. Watch out for prices:

Already now you can track how much the desired product costs and how the price changes. Not every proposed deal is profitable. Some sites offer a so-called notepad. There you can enter prices and track them. In addition, the Price History feature shows you how the price of a product has changed over the past three, six, or twelve months. This way you will always know if the offer is really the cheapest one at the moment.


3. Set a price alarm:

Decide how much you are willing to pay for the desired product and set the alarming price. As a result, as soon as the price drops to the desired amount, you will receive a notification and be able to purchase the product. In addition, this is a handy feature for every day, and not just on Prime Day.

Amazon Prime Day 2022:Tip no.4. Use price-comparison platforms:

Other stores also arrange discounts and sales. There are price comparison platforms. So it pays to be on the lookout and compare Amazon deals with those of other sellers. That way you will always find the best price.


5. Consider B‑Ware:

If you can live with the fact that the product has already been unpacked and then repackaged, you can save even more by buying so-called B‑Ware. These are goods that buyers have returned to the seller. However, they are otherwise completely intact. In addition, on Prime Day, the price for them will be even lower.

6. Amazon Prime Day 2022:Tip no.6Hurry, but don’t be nervous:

In addition, the rule applies here: whoever came first, became the owner. Deals are only available as long as the item is in stock. Do you want to be informed as soon as the product reaches the desired price? Then heed tip #3 and set a price alarm.

7. Be flexible:

If you want to save money on Prime Day, you have to be flexible. This applies, for example, when it comes to the color of the product. Often only one color variant of a product is discounted. The same applies to the characteristics of technical equipment.

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