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Brad Johnson Steven Spielberg’s ‘Always’ Star Dies at 62

Brad Johnson, Steven Spielberg's 'Always' star dies at 62


Brad Johnson, 62, who notably starred in the Melrose Place series and died from the fallout from Covid-19 has just revealed his family, reports the Daily Mail. “ He was a true Renaissance man. “, Wrote his family in a press release. “ Not only was he interested in everything life had to offer, but he was also good at it.

"Brad Johnson Steven Spielberg's 'Always' Star Dies at 62"
Brad Johnson

The Rodeo Prove began his Hollywood career playing the role of the mascot of a famous cigarette brand in the mid-1980s. This “role” had attracted the attention of Steven Spielberg who offered him a supporting role in his hit drama series Siempre.

Brad Johnson, mainly a series actor

Brad Johnson died on February 18 in Fort Worth, Texas, his representative Linda McAlister told The Hollywood Reporter at the time. In his tribute, his family added: Although he was taken too soon, he lived his life to the fullest (…) Brad was loved by many people and loved other people. His other major roles include a recurring role in The Experts, the religious film Left Behind with Kirk Cameron, and the syndicated television series Soldier of Fortune, Inc. . His most recent role was in 2015, according to his IMDb page. It’s a cowboy movie called Nails 32.



A man focused on his family.

Brad Johnson, the son of a horse merchant, was born on October 24, 1959, in Tucson, Arizona. He made his television debut in the series Dallas and went on to star in films such as Nam Angels in 1989 and Melrose Place in 1990. He hasn’t toured much in recent years, preferring to focus on other hobbies.

He was a sincere friend, a trusted colleague, a loving husband, and a father to his family; he will never be forgotten, and his legacy will go on.” Laurie, his wife of 35 years, and their children Shane, Bellamy, Rachel, Eliana, Eden, Rebekah, Annabeth, and William are his survivors.


Johnson appeared as a flying bomber in filmmaker John Milius’ 1991 film Intruder and as Henry Nash, one of Teddy Roosevelt’s men, in the 1997 TNT miniseries Rough Riders, starring Tom Berenger.

Johnson appeared in three Left Behind films as leading man Rayford Steele opposite Kirk Cameron; he returned to Fox’s Melrose Place in 1996 as pediatrician Dominick O’Malley, who is in a relationship with Daphne Zuniga’s Jo Reynolds; and he was Major Matthew Quentin Shepherd on the 1997-1999 syndicated adventure series Soldier of Fortune, Inc.

In Always (1989), a heartwarming drama set in the world of aerial firefighting, Hunter Dorinda Durston falls in love with Johnson’s Ted Baker after her boyfriend, Pete Sandwich (Dreyfuss), dies. The film is a new version of Victor Fleming. A Guy Named Joe (1943), with Johnson taking over the character of Van Johnson from Spencer Tracy’s original lead.


The 6-foot-3 Johnson worked as the Marlboro Man for the cigarette brand in advertisements and commercials and in several Calvin Klein ads before coming to Hollywood. He appeared in a 1986 episode of CBS. Dallas and appeared for Roger Corman in Nam Angels (1989) before landing in Forever.


Johnson built a hunting lodge in New Mexico and, as a hobby, restored Winchester Model 1886 rifles. He lived in the Colorado mountains before moving to North Texas, where he sold real estate ranches.


Last year, Johnson was signed for a role in Treasure Valley, a western set in Idaho, but none of his scenes were filmed in the wake of the sudden death of 60-year-old actor-writer Jay Pickett, who died in the first days of production in July.

His family mourns:

Survivors include his wife of 35 years, Laurie, and their children, Shane, Bellamy, Rachel, Eliana, Eden, Rebekah, Annabeth, and William.

“Although taken too soon, he lived life to the fullest and taught his children to do the same,” his family said in a statement. “Brad thoroughly enjoyed enhancing and enhancing the land, in a way that he maintained and respected its natural beauty. He always felt more at home outdoors, and his passion for the land made it evident. As much as he loved cowboys, hunting, and the land, Brad loved nothing more than his family about him.

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