How To Entertain Guests at Event? 9 Smart Ideas


How To Entertain Guests at Event? 9 Smart Ideas

1.      Quests

Why not use today’s fashionable entertainment to good use? This is exactly what the organizers of Comic-Con 2018 did when they arranged the Cartman’s Escape Room quest. You can adapt the quest to the theme of your own event, stimulating guests to cooperate and establish new contacts.

2.      Game element

"How To Entertain Guests at Event? 9 Smart Ideas"
How To Entertain Guests at Event? 9 Smart Ideas


You can also add an interactive element to the main program, for example, use the Catchbox microphone for Q&A sessions. It is a soft cube with a microphone hidden inside. Guests wishing to ask a question simply toss it to each other during the session. This introduces an element of the game, defusing the atmosphere and involving participants in the process.

3.      Augmented reality

We have all witnessed the success of Pokemon Go. Why not use the same technologies to diversify the event? This is not the cheapest way to entertain guests, but if the customer is willing to invest, it is worth paying attention to it.


4.      A virtual reality

Similar to the previous point, virtual reality (VR) is another cool way to engage the public. Today, VR is a powerful marketing tool: museums and exhibition galleries create virtual tours, travel agencies offer 3D tours of hotels and resorts, VR is used in education as a way to observe certain processes in real-time, and so on. In the context of an event, VR can be used as an addition to the session program or as a way to entertain the audience during a break.

5.      Live show

The performance of artists or musical groups is a classic solution for any corporate event. In addition, if the budget is limited, you can always invite a local band or invite talented guests to participate in the performance.


6.      Pets’ corner


The presence of an artist at an event is a rather original way to impress visitors. Depending on the theme and format of the event, this may be a cartoonist, portrait painter, or graffiti artist. The public will enjoy watching the creative process in real-time.

7.      Twin stars

Twins are an interesting solution for almost any event, be it a corporate party or a large-scale conference. It is especially appropriate to invite a double of a celebrity who, one way or another, is connected with the theme of the event. For example, at a Vegas-style party, an Elvis Presley look-alike would come in handy.

8.      Safari

In order to organize a mini-safari, it is not necessary to travel far outside the country. You can use the services of local zoos and farms. This entertainment is appropriate for outdoor activities.

9.      Glowing robots

Glowing robots at your event – what could be more exciting and spectacular? Their appearance will be the highlight of the program at a dance party, wedding, gala dinner, or any other evening event. Their appearance will make a real sensation.

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