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Fun Facts on National French Fry Day 2022

Interesting and Fun Facts About National French Fry Day 2022


There is no disputing how much Americans adore French fries. French fries are consumed by Americans in excess of 4.5 billion pounds annually, according to GRIT, a rural lifestyle magazine, and have their own national day on July 13.

"Fun Facts on National French Fry Day 2022"
Unique News Online: Fun Facts on National French Fry Day 2022

The tater tot, the crunchy cousin of French fries, is consumed for roughly 75 million pounds annually, therefore this estimate surpasses it.

French fries may be a favorite among Americans and eateries of all kinds, but not everyone is aware of their origin.

National French Fry Day 2022: WHAT YOU DIDN’T KNOW

In honor of National French Fry Day 2022, here is a quick overview of the history of French fries.


Thinly sliced potatoes are deep-fried till crispy to create French fries. They can have a soft or crispy consistency according to the maker’s preference and are often served hot with seasonings or condiments.

Typically, people eat French fries for lunch, dinner, or as a midday snack.


French fries come in many different shapes and sizes, such as normal cut, crinkle cut, potato wedges, curly fries, steak fries, waffle fries, shoestring fries, cottage fries, and more.

Belgium and France argue over the origins of the French fry.  Sweet potato, Yukon gold, and russet potatoes are frequently used to produce French fries.

The individual choice will determine the best frying oils, but some options are vegetable oil, peanut oil, canola oil, safflower oil, and maize oil. These oils all have a higher smoke point than olive oil.

Nevertheless, some cooks use olive oil when making French fries. Smashburger, you’re in our sights!

Some cooks use ovens or air fryers to create a crunchy snack when dipping fries in oil is not an option.

Who is the credit for the French fry?

Although “French” appears in the dish’s name, fries are said to have originated in a number of other nations.

The first French fry recipe was published in 1795 in Madame Mérigot’s cookbook “La Cuisinière Républicaine,” which is also known as “The Republican Cook” in English.

According to a 2019 story in the French daily morning newspaper Le Figaro, French fries were a well-liked street dish in Paris in the 18th and 19th centuries.


Fries are believed to have originated in Battlefield of Europe during the same period in Belgium, on the other hand, according to certain believers.

Some people still use olive oil when they cook French fries. Smashburger, we’re addressing youSome cooks choose to produce the crunchy snack in ovens or air fryers rather than drowning fries in oil when that isn’t an option.

Who invented the French fry?

Despite the word “French” appearing in the dish’s name, some nations assert that they invented fries.

The “La Cuisinière Républicaine” cookbook by Madame Mérigot, which is also known as “The Republican Cook,” published the first French fry recipe in 1795.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, French fries were a common street dish in Paris, according to a 2019 story from Le Figaro, a French morning newspaper.

Six unexpected facts about French fries

On the other hand, some people in Belgium believe that fries originated in Battlefield of Europe at the same time.

Frites, sometimes referred to as Belgian fries, are a common festival snack that is served during the summer.

Belgian fries are said to have originated in the 1980s. According to a tale by Belgian writer Jo Gérard, who claimed to have discovered an 18th-century family manuscript, fries were invented before 1680 in the Meuse valley, where peasants supposedly fried potatoes when the water froze over and made fishing impossible.

The text Gérard was referring to, nevertheless, was never made public.

According to French historian Thomas Beaufils, who wrote the tourist guide “Les Belges” (“The Belgians”), skeptics question the claim because potatoes were regarded as a New World colony crop and weren’t readily available in the region at that time for working-class groups.

Belgian-made The term “Frites” refers to the national dish of french fries.

Since conquistadors were the first European group to bring potatoes to the continent from Peru in the 16th century, some people in Spain contend that the Spanish developed fries. According to Paul Ilegems, professor curator of the Friet Museum in Bruges, Belgium, Saint Teresa of vila, a Spanish saint who is said to have lived from 1515 to 1582, cooked potatoes similarly. Fries’ cultural heritage is the focus of the museum.

  1. According to the USDA, a “small” 71-gram portion of French fries has roughly 222 calories.
  2. According to National Geographic, the typical American consumes around 30 pounds of French fries annually.
  3. According to a market research prediction released by Allied Industry Research, the North American French fry market is anticipated to cross $9.9 billion by 2026.
  4. Fast-food outlets In order for National French Fry Day to always be observed on a Friday, Checkers and Rally’s are requesting that the National Day Calendar shift the holiday to the second Friday in July.

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